Wall of Love

With Valentine’s Day only a few days away, I thought I might do something a bit romantic in our little love nest.

Our master bedroom has a nook with nothing on the wall, and I figured it would be the perfect spot to display some sentimental and personal “art.”

Here’s what I’m affectionately calling our “Wall of Love.”

Personal Wall Art Romantic

Let’s first take a look at the white special dates frame.

Special Dates Art
Those 4 dates are very special to Finn and I. They represent when we first started dating, when we moved in together, when he proposed, and our future wedding date!
I just created them in a word document on my computer, and printed it out on card stock.
I then got out my colored pencils, and drew some hearts after each number. I tried to do a bit of an ombre color scheme..with the green hearts subtly getting darker from top to bottom.

We all know I have a certain love for geography (like the vintage globe in this post). So, I thought the map would add some flair to the simple white frame mat.

I had a $4 wall map left over from a DIY project gone wrong (it happens…often!) With this project, I was finally able to put my map purchase to good use! I just took out the frame map, traced it, cut out the map, and glued it onto the frame. #DIYdoesntgeteasierthanthis

Map Frame Mat

Moving onto the other sections of the “Wall of Love.”

This love quote from 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 was a gift for our engagement. #sosweet

How about this adorable chicken wire frame? My mom found it at the Kane County Flea Market (If you live in the Chicagoland area…go! You will love it)

Clothes pins hold some sentimental items from our engagement night.

Here is the key card from the hotel where we stayed the night we got engaged.

This is Finn’s hospital bracelet.

Funny story…my man was in the hospital for 3 days and got out just in time to keep the Christmas plans with our families. (More on that day here)  We kept his bracelet to remember that love can conquer all!

Here is a card from the restaurant where he popped the question.

Rounding out the “Wall of Love” is this large canvas photograph.


Finn’s mom bought us a Groupon for a canvas print from Canvas on Demand (Thanks Kathy!) We decided to use a picture from our engagement night of our large group of family and friends. It is very special to have such a nice picture where we’re surrounded by everyone we love.

I heart this new little area of our bedroom.

So what about you…do you have an area in your love nest to display ooey-gooey sentimental stuff?

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