Cleaning Checklist to Keep your Home Looking Good

Cleaning everything all at once can be intimidating. Having a checklist for what to clean every week and month can help you stay on top of things without getting overwhelmed.

Checklist Breakdown

I broke down the checklist into three sections: weekly, monthly, and 3-6 months. Tap the link to download the full checklist!

Checklist Location

I had to figure out where to put it in our home. I decided to create a designated spot. Right next to our cleaning supplies!

Laminated Checklist

I bought this self-adhesive laminate product and “laminated” my checklist. That way I can use a dry erase marker to check off all of my tasks and write in the dates.

Velcro the Back

I also purchased some Velcro to add to the back of the cleaning checklist, so I can stick it right to the cabinet and take it out when I’m cleaning.

Enjoy your Checklist!

As a to-do list lover, I can’t help but enjoy the feeling of crossing off all of the tasks each week.

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