How to  Decorate a Rental

I thought it was time to talk about the things you CAN do to make your rental feel more personal to you and your style. Here are my best tips to decorate a rental.

No Excuses

There are no excuses when it comes to “waiting” to decorate. My new motto is “Don’t wait!”

Start with the Walls

If the walls must be white when you move out, you can always paint them back, or use removable wallpaper, hang art, shelves, mirrors, or your hats!

Invest In Pieces You Love

Many people assume that what they buy now won’t fit in their future home, so they live with pieces they hate.  It’s a-okay to buy a coffee table, a headboard, or a rug that you love.

Tweak the Small Things

Change kitchen and bathroom hardware, ditch rental blinds, buy some plants, style a bookshelf, or DIY some personalized art!

Love Your Home

I think it’s important to show your home some love. Home is a place to gather and make memories and that’s the most important tip I can give.

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