Tips to Purge and Declutter your Home

While I have no plans to live in a tiny home, I do feel I’ve learned a few decluttering tips. In small living spaces, you’ve got to be ruthless. So here are my tips to declutter your home.

Know your Pain Points

What items do you have a hard time letting go of? For some it may be clothes, for me it's home décor items. They're my pain point when it comes to purging.

Take It All Out

When purging home décor, I take everything out from all rooms and get things that I have tucked away. I bring it all to one space to visualize every piece. It makes me realize how much extra I have.

Order Replacements Right Away

Do you have 42 million cups? Some cups we never used. So I got all cups out.  I discarded some and took note of what to keep. I then ordered more of the ones I liked.

Donate (or Sell) Immediately!

By the end, I had a pile ready to donate. Instead of letting that pile hang around, I loaded up the car and went to donate immediately. Dropping off that stuff was the best feeling ever.

Bonus Decluttering Tip

One thing in and one thing out: If I’m buying a new pair of shoes, I better be getting rid of an old ratty pair to make room.

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