Ways to Organize Paper Clutter in the New Year


We can’t escape the amount of paper that shuffles through on any given day.  Thankfully, we've established a few systems to keep this paper clutter organized.

Create a Filing System

I made 3 piles: KEEP, SHRED, TOSS.  I then wrote down the keep categories and started to divvy up the papers using file cabinet folders and normal folders.

Track Receipts

I got a small accordion folder and labeled it with “TO FILE” and “FILED”. New receipts go into the first compartment & once inputted into my yearly spreadsheet, they're moved to the other category.


Buying a new house brings a lot of papers and parts for furniture. I labeled folders by room and and added the respective papers.

Extra Parts

I bought a storage box at Michaels. I then placed the extra parts in and wrapped some washi tape on them so I know exactly what they are.

Get Organized Now to Save Stress Later

We know creating these systems takes time, but an organization system that works for you will save you SO MUCH stress throughout the year.

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