Welcome Home – Free Printable and Gift Idea

So you guys know all about my moving saga, right? It’s been quite the process, but we are finally in our new home and the decorating has begun.


But today I’m going to show you an adorable gift idea that I could have (& should have!) done as I left our loft in St. Louis.  

Leaving a little bottle of bubbly in your empty fridge is a great welcome home gift for the new tenants of your old place
This sweet gift tag and bottle of bubbly could have been left in our empty fridge, to welcome the new tenants of our loft.
Unfortunately I thought of this idea a bit too late. Heck, I was way too frazzled during our move-out to tackle this little DIY project, but it would have been a sweet gesture.
So instead I’m giving this idea to you (our lovely readers) because maybe you’ll think of it the next time you’re moving out of your apartment or home.
Download the printable right here
Cut out the printed cards and secure with some ribbon
All you have to do is download and print our FREE PRINTABLE and choose one of the 3 color combos for your tag.

Hole punch the corner of the card to secure with ribbon
Hole punch the top corner…

Secure the card around the neck of the bottle and place in the fridge for a surprise gift
…and secure to your favorite bottle of bubbly with some string or ribbon.
I also think it would be neat to leave a note with the gift for the new tenants. Maybe offer up some advice about their new neighbors, or give them the insider scoop on the best restaurants nearby? I’m sure the new tenant will appreciate any and all inside info you can share.
If you’re not moving any time soon (lucky ducks!) then this also works as a great generic gift for new homeowners. Also be sure to check out the post we did on a basket of blessings for new homeowners (that’s a great idea too!)


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