Welcome to our New Pad!

It’s official. We have a place to live!

As you know, we’ve been crashing at my mom’s house since August. She was so incredibly accommodating and we had a wonderful time with her! But our commute from the suburbs to downtown Chicago was a bear.  Also, let’s just say living with your mom doesn’t exactly make for the most romantic time with your fiancé (sorry Janimal!)

So now we are relieved and grateful to have found a place to call home.

New Apartment Tour: Balcony View

We looked at about 10 listings before we found our place. At first the process was exciting, but eventually it became tiresome. Scheduling viewings after work, contacting real estate agents, browsing Craigslist and padmapper 24/7…not fun. I actually found our place on Craigslist. It was everything we were looking for (2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, balcony, parking spot, and washer/dryer in unit!) and we told them we wanted it on the spot. 

We are certainly downsizing from our St. Louis pad, but we anticipated that. Chicago is an expensive city, and we’re just going to have to learn to live with less (bye, bye walk in closet. I will miss you so.)

As you’ll see our place is still completely empty. We got the keys from the landlord and decided that we wanted to paint the space and give it a deep clean prior to moving all of our stuff in. It was a heck of a lotta work, but we painted that bad boy in 1 weekend, and it now looking oh so fresh.
So let’s take a little looksie around the new place.
New Apartment Tour: The hallway 
For the walls we chose a very light gray. It’s Sherwin Williams and it is called “Passive.” In some lights it looks like light blue, but I don’t mind. We feel it works well with the dark hardwood floor and white trim. What do you think?
New Apartment tour: Double doors to the office.
 Those glass doors go to the craziest room you ever did see. It’s a small room that we are going to make an office/guest room. I don’t have any pictures because it is incredibly dark, but I promise they’ll be coming. Not only is the room small, but it is also uniquely shaped. Like a triangle, with weird nooks and crannies.  That room will pose quite the design dilemma for me, but I’m sure we will come up with some sort of solution to make it functional and fabulous (any and all advice will be greatly appreciated!)
Apartment Tour: World's Worst Closet
 Right when you walk in you will find the “World’s Worst Closet.” Okay..perhaps I’m exaggerating and I should just be happy that we have a front closet at all. But seriously…this thing is going to pose a problem for me. See it’s too shallow and narrow to hold actual coats. You can’t put a shelf rack in there to hang jackets, because the doors won’t close. I’m still at a loss as to how exactly we are going to organize this thing. It may be a challenge, but I’m not about to let any space go to waste. I’m thinking perhaps building something amazing to organize all of our shoes…
Apartment Tour: Our open and spacious kitchen with awesome kitchen island.
 Now we’re into the heart of our place…the kitchen and family room. I love the open kitchen because I think it is perfect for our lifestyle. Finn does a lot of the cooking (I know, I’m one lucky girl!) and it will be nice that we can be in the same room hanging out when he prepares dinner. We also have plenty of kitchen storage with all of those cupboards. So I’m looking forward to filling them up and getting things all neat and tidy. 
Family room in our new Chicago Apartment. Guess where those doors lead! That's right - the balcony!
Now here is what we call the “family room” in our house. Fingers crossed our large sectional fits. I’m thinking it just might…
Fireplace and mantel. No, the fireplace doesn't work, but at least we have an easy place to put the TV!

Over there you’ll find our fireplace and mantel. Yes, we have a fireplace. No, it does not work. Oh well…I’m sure I’ll have fun styling up the mantel and Finn is happy to have a large spot for his TV.

Master Bedroom - I love the gray color of the walls we chose, and the flooring.
Here is our master bedroom. We painted the walls Sherwin William’s “Argos” and I love it! It’s a shade darker than the gray in the main room, and it too looks a little blue in some lights. Do you spot my two-tone nightstand in the corner?
Closets and view into the master bathroom.
Master Bathroom with two sinks.
Now onto the master bath. I’m sooo happy we have double sinks (keep your toothpaste chunks to your side of the vanity, Mr. Finn) Again, we’ll have plenty of storage for our toiletries. Bring on the cute baskets for sorting.
Amazing balcony!
Now my favorite part…the balcony! We didn’t have an outdoor space in St. Louis and I really missed it. I like having the ability to open up the door, walk right outside, and check out the weather in the morning. And sitting out there with my morning cup of coffee is going to be blissful.
The view from our balcony in Chicago. We can see Soldier Field!
 I’m also really excited about our neighborhood. We can see Lake Michigan (kiiiinda) and Soldier Field from our balcony. I think we’ll even be able to hear the roar of the game on Sundays. And my brother and sister-in-law literally live in the building next door. Heck yes, let’s get some dinner parties started!
Our new neighborhood

As you can see we have A LOT of work to do. We need to move all of our stuff in (more on that tomorrow!) and then it is time to shop & decorate. The funny thing is we’re downsizing and getting rid of a lot of our belongings. But, we actually need to buy a few big things too (kitchen stools, small bed for guest room, lamps galore, etc.) 

Making our new place into a home is going to be a long process, but I’m so happy to have you join me on our little journey.


P.S. If you read our blog via Feedly or are a subscriber, you may have gotten a sneak peek into an upcoming Favorite Things post. We got a little too eager for Christmas and hit that publish button a bit early. The full post will be coming your way in just a few short weeks…#staytuned

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