What’s in Casey’s Bag?

I’ve got a little secret for you. I’m a die-hard trashy magazine reader. Yep. I just can’t seem to get enough of Us Weekly, In TouchPeople…you name it…I love flipping through it! If you’re a magazine reader too, then maybe you’ve seen the feature in Us Weekly called “What’s in My Bag?” In the article, they show you a little sneak peek inside a celebrity’s handbag. It’s kinda fun and you get to see all of the cool products that the stars use!
Now we all know we’re no celebs (puh-lease), but we still thought it might be entertaining to show you all of the random crap stuff we carry in our bags. Just because it might give you a little insight into our personalities. Today is all about my bag, next Friday we’ll sneak a peek at B’s bag.

What’s In My Bag?

What's in my bag?
Here’s the bag I’ve been using all the time lately. It’s Michael Kors and it is fantastic. Usually, I’m not the kind of girl who spends a lot on shoes and bags, but I spent a little extra on this one. It’s a great workbag because it is big enough to hold file folders, an umbrella, and any other work essentials. I also love that it zips! This is key when riding on the bus or subway…I just feel like my stuff is a bit safer in there.
Items in handbag
Holy moley…look at all the stuff I carry around all the time. This is definitely what you’ll typically find if you take a peek in my bag. Let’s just say I like to be prepared, and I just might have a sore shoulder at the end of a long day.
ventra card
There’s my Ventra card (bus & subway pass if you’re not a Chicagoan). I pretty much walk or ride public transportation everywhere, so having my card in a case that I can easily access makes my day a lot easier. I used to be that girl who would dig through her bag to find her card…now I know better.
As a DIY’er, I always have a tape measure on me. It’s great when I’m out shopping and need to know if a specific piece of furniture might fit in our space. In fact, I even keep dimensions of things I may need in my phone so I can always have the numbers right in front of me! Better to be prepared…you’d hate to miss out on a sweet piece of furniture just because you thought it was a couple inches too big for your space!
Every girls gotta have a little beauty in her bag, right? A comb and light pink lipgloss often come in handy. Then I always keep business cards on hand, because you just never know when you might find another DIY lover! I keep my personal cards, as well as the blog’s, tucked inside my little orange case.

Keeping Accessories Organized

I keep many of the little accessories in my bag tucked inside that small peach purse. I like it much better than having a bunch of little things floating around in a big bag. I usually keep my gum, bobby pins, lip gloss, and any other small beauty supplies in it. For me, it means less digging around, and more time finding what I need!
Apple and tape measure
Next to my tape measure, I’ve got an apple. I’m a total apple girl..I probably eat 2 a day. Gala is my absolute favorite…but this green one did the job too.
cell phone case
Then finally, you won’t ever see me without my iPhone. I try to put it away and “unplug” whenever I can, but I must admit I’m pretty much addicted to it. I got my phone case from The Everygirl’s shop and I absolutely love it. It says “Scour the World for Beauty” and I receive oh so many compliments on it. It’s a little girly and a little glam…love it!
What I keep in my bag
So there you have it, all of the randomness that I usually keep in my big ol’ bag. Sometimes you’ll even find some fresh flowers tucked right in there too. But only if I just made a quick run over to my fav grocery store Trader Joe’s.
Bridget taking pictures
Be sure to tune in next Friday to see what Bridget keeps in her bag. Until then you’ll just have to tide yourself over with this behind the scenes picture of B photographing her purse contents. Could you guess we shot these photos standing on a chair outside? Ha!


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