What It’s Really Like Being Married to a DIY Blogger

Oh to be married to a blogger…Let’s break out the old blackboard to chalk down some pros and cons as we join this round table discussion of what it means to be married to a blogger. Due to the fact that we are two men who take great pride in always seeing the glass as half full, let’s kick things off with a dosage of optimism.

The GoodMatt_finn

Finn: The main perk is (of course) that my home is lovely and full of personalized, creative decor. If left alone to design and style our place, I shudder to think of the outcome. I am assuming there would be a lot of sports, beer, neon signs and gray tape involved (insert Tim Allen grunt here.) Actually that sounds pretty awesome maybe I should…never mind Casey just vetoed every idea I ever had or will have in the future. Damn.

bridget_fall_built-in_family_room_hallwayMatt: Yes, my house is also decorated immaculately and with great detail. From the garage all the way down to the soap dish, every base is covered with a particular color and definition. It’s always a real episode when a female relative, friend or co-worker would walk into our home for the first time. I could be tap dancing on the kitchen table reciting a Nicholas Sparks novel in five different languages and our guest would STILL be focused on shelving, built-in cabinets and color popping.

3-finn-fantasy-football-trophyFinn: The second biggest thing is that this blog keeps Casey busy, very busy, and this comes in handy for about 22 Sundays a year. Yes, enjoying football to its fullest for 12 hours straight, and then again on Monday, pairs surprisingly well with an up and coming DIY blog post. Casey needs a lot of time and focused energy to not only create her DIY projects, but also to capture the essence of the idea and take all those photos. This takes time, more than she will ever tell you. It just happens that during this time, she wants nothing to do with me as I am a continuous road block of distraction (I say spontaneous fun, but she has other ideas) and a damper to the DIY process. So in order for me to bless her with this time, I graciously watch football or any other sport out of pure love for her and her passion. It’s not that I want to do this, believe me I would rather be helping Casey create wonderful coffee prints or painting some old vase with a lyric, but I do it out of love and sacrifice for her.

Matt Fall Home TourMatt: Like Mr. Finn, the second topic in the lineup of positivity comes in the form of “distraction.” When Bridget is focused on completing a blog post, it will be completed. There could be a marching band coming through our living room, but this girl’s eyes won’t break focus with that computer monitor. This is when things tend to get interesting. You know, that feeling when you were a teenager staying out past curfew…breaking every rule in the book (sorry mom). I’m talking video games, sports talk radio, wrestling dvd’s and of course lip syncing to whatever song comes next on the ipod playlist. Life is good in the house of a blogger.

Finn: The outrageous amount of love and support they receive from people in all walks of our life.

Finn: Major milestones always call for champagne, so I make them up as often as I can. finn-matt-seattle-trip

But hey, we’re honest men too. As much as we would love to continue to dwell on the sunshine and smiles, let’s get to the real dirt of the DIY houses we live in.

The Not-So-Good

matt-blazer-tree-teeMatt: I don’t know the first thing about tools, home makeovers or craftsmanship. I’m about as useful as a Kenny G fan at a Slipknot concert.

Finn: Major downfall – – I catch her in deep thought mode, it is the true eye of the DIY storm. It is this inquisitive look of silence that chills me to my core. When I come upon this moment in the wild, I initially process what room she is in and what she is looking at to prepare for the magnitude of her evil genius. Is she looking at the bathroom tile (no that’s a major project!) or is she just thinking a flower would look nice there (whew.) Is she looking in our bedroom….Oh no does she want to make a headboard, or worse, install a chandelier (my ultimate fear)?? Maybe there is a chance she just wants to put something new in that frame…or oh my god she wants to paint!!!! This is the life I have to live, prisoner to the mind and aspirations of an ever evolving DIY blogger.BridgetMattcasey-mike-finn-kiss-goofy
Here’s a rapid fire bullet point segment on the cons of being married to a future hall of fame blogger.

  • Finn: The constant daily phone calls with her partner in crime, the newly named Mrs. Matkovich. The laughing, the OMG-ing, the planning, it all happens every day… all.the.time!
  • Matt: While Bridget “talks shop” with her uncles and father at family get-togethers, something I know nothing about, I retreat to the living room to drink coffee with the her aunts and listen to their predictions on The Bachelor.
  • Finn: Getting on a first name basis with Rick at Ace Hardware. Rick is my guy, he gets me.
  • Matt: Trips to the hardware store get awkward. I’m the guy who pushes the cart around while his wife is the one who is picking out lumber to be cut. I pretend to be on my cell phone just to make the employees think that I’m too busy to give input into the lumber selection, when the reality of the situation is that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT!
  • Finn: You can never have enough pillows (news to me!)Matt-holding-mirror
  • Matt: Five years ago, if I would’ve driven past old furniture sitting on the curb in front of a house, I would’ve continued on with my day without thinking twice. Now, not so much. You can bet that I’m instructed to pull over and try to envision that mustard color chair in our guest room. I don’t even want to touch the piece of garbage let alone imagine it in my house.
  • Finn: Realizing you follow none of the same people on Instagram, like not even close.
  • Finn: Bobble heads will never ever be in style. Ever. (Agree to disagree)
  • Matt: Seinfeld will never be a staple in our decor.

Our Final Thoughts

Matt Finn Guylights While we are overlooking dozens of small things, we would like to end with our favorite thing about this blog and these girls… the fact that they are an inspiration to us and to so many people we know. How many people have the talent to go out and start something from scratch and put it on the internet? We wish we were like them and took a shot at following all of our passions in life, but alas we’re not as talented or courageous as they are. Putting your entire life and ideas on display for the world to critique takes a leap of faith, especially when you are a rookie. We love these girls, and they are the best people you will ever meet if you are blessed with the opportunity. We want to thank everyone for their support and love this past year and cheers (yup, this called for champagne) to the future!!

casey-finn-lemonade-patiomatt_bridget_christmas_tree_anniversarySo what is it like being married to a blogger? It is wonderful, & we wouldn’t want it any other way.


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