Finding the Perfect White Jeans

Is it just us or does anyone else constantly reach for their white jeans all summer long? From work to weekend, white jeans are a staple in our closets all spring/summer, because they are extremely versatile.Finding the Perfect White Jeans | DIY PlaybookYou can dress them up for a night out, pair them with a blazer for work, or even combine them with sneakers for a casual summer look. You all know how we have been making a conscious effort to buy items that work hard for our wardrobes and white jeans do exactly that. However, finding the perfect pair of white jeans is HARD!

Sometimes the material is too thin and they’re see through (that’s never good…), sometimes they’re not stretchy enough, sometimes they’re not slim enough all the way through the leg. So many variables that make it incredibly difficult to find the PERFECT pair!

So not only are we going to chat about how we wear our white jeans, we are also going to dive into the details of some of our favorite pairs. Hopefully, this information will inspire you to add this staple into your wardrobe OR pair them with items you already own that you haven’t thought about before.

Bridget’s White Jeans

As evidenced by these pictures, I wear white jeans A LOT throughout the summer! During the warmer months I treat my white jeans just like I would jeans. Instead of defaulting to wearing jeans with just about any outfit, I substitute blue jeans with my favorite white jeans.

Finding the Perfect White Jeans | DIY Playbook

I usually wear them with nude color sandals or wedges because nude color shoes are pretty much all I own in the summer. However, I’m not afraid to dress down the look and pair them with my favorite converse too, especially if I’m traveling or doing a lot of walking that day.

Finding the Perfect White Jeans | DIY Playbook

I own two pairs of white jeans — one with holes and one without. I tend to wear the hole-y ones more than the regular ones because they fit a little more comfortably than the regular pair. However, I am super happy to have both pairs because there are some occasions where I can’t wear the hole-y ones (like to work).

But finding a good pair of white jeans is HARD. Usually, they are too cheap looking or super see-through (yikes) or just not a good fit. Both my pairs are over TWO years old but I’m always so hesitant to look for new ones because finding the perfect pair seems close to impossible sometimes!

Finding the Perfect White Jeans | DIY Playbook

Our friend Courtney suggested this pair (she swears by them!) and when she gushed all about that, I instantly shared the link with my mom earlier this year because I knew she too was in the market for new white pants. My mom and I are two different sizes with two very different body shapes but these magical pants worked for both of us! If you’re in the game for a new white pair of jeans, you may want to give these a try. Plus Nordstrom makes returns easy, so it doesn’t hurt to at least try them if you haven’t had much luck so far.

Finding the Perfect White Jeans | DIY Playbook

Casey’s White Jeans

Like Bridget, I’m a big fan of white jeans and I wear them constantly during the warmer months here in Chicago. From work to weekend, these are a staple in my closet.

Finding the Perfect White Jeans | DIY Playbook

I actually ended up getting the white jeans that Bridget mentioned above (the same one her mom got!). After buying & returning quite a few pairs this spring, these ones were the only pair that made the cut. They’re stretchy, come up nicely on the waist, and are tight at the ankles. Check, check, & check! I will say that the fabric is a little thinner than white jeans I’ve worn in the past, but they’re definitely not see-through. (No colorful undies to be seen here!)Finding the Perfect White Jeans | DIY Playbook

I have another pair of white jeans from the Gap that I’ve had for years! They’re my old trusty pair, but I was excited to add another to my arsenal. Because I wear them so often, I feel like I needed another pair in case the others ever got dirty (which definitely tends to happen to my white jeans)Finding the Perfect White Jeans | DIY Playbook

Just like Bridget, you’ll usually see me wearing my white jeans with neutral shoes. I’m still obsessed with the nude block heel sandals I got earlier this spring. I wear them constantly, and they’re so comfortable. Finding the Perfect White Jeans | DIY PlaybookI also wear my white jeans with my favorite flats, sandals, and now my new blush gym shoes! Really any footwear works well with white.

You will probably find us wearing white jeans on repeat all summer long! From casual afternoons to dinners downtown, investing in a pair of white jeans you love is well worth it.

Bridget & Casey

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