Wine Cork Conversation Starters

With one of my favorite holidays just around the corner, I thought it was only fitting to try and squeeze in a tiny (and I mean tiny) project that will add both function and fashion to your Thanksgiving tablescape next week! Our family loves Thanksgiving because it usually is a slow paced day that grows into a long weekend of “together-ness” without the pressures of buying, wrapping, and shuffling gifts around town. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas too, but there’s just something about a whole day dedicated to being grateful that totally inspires me to root for this holiday underdog.
A collection of various wine corks.
To get ready for this traditional “togetherness” around the Thanksgiving table, I gathered up some old corks I had laying around the house. These corks will be the base of little conversation starters that will sit at each place setting.
Using a knife for cutting a wine cork.
Simply, cut a slit in the tops of each of the corks. I used this razor blade, but an exacto knife would probably work too. Sidenote: BE CAREFUL; cutting cork takes a little more muscle than I anticipated.
Easy wine cork crafts.
Your tiny DIY is half way over….
Use a Sharpie to write down table topics.
Now, the fun part. As the fabulous host, it is your job to think of a variety of questions or table topics that your guests will enjoy talking about over dinner. Favorite traditions, would you rathers, funny memories from years past, highlights since last year’s dinners…. be creative!
Topics and conversations starters for your Thanksgiving table.
Here are a few of my traditional favorites. Knowing the audience I’m dealing with, I will definitely be adding some fun and even controversial topics as well. I can’t let my crew get off that easy by displaying their questions a week ahead of time… where’s the fun in that. #popquiz #sorrymag
Wine cork table topics.
Now, for the grand finale of this FREE DIY, add one table topic to each cork.
Use wine corks to hold fun DIY table topics for your Thanksgiving conversation.
The rules: set one cork and question next to each place setting on the big day. Each person around the dinner table must read their question aloud and answer it accordingly. You can then open it up to the crowd for more conversation and feedback or move on to the next question.  Before long you will be enjoying lots of laughs, reminiscing on holidays past, and doing what Thanksgiving is all about…. enjoying the moment with the ones you love.
Easy wine cork crafts and a fun party game.
So, if you’re hosting the big day, be sure to take time to share what you’re thankful over dinner and, even more importantly, ask those around you too. Maybe you’d be surprised what the person next to you at the table loves about Thanksgiving, or what your host’s favorite childhood Thanksgiving memory was, or why that weird uncle of yours calls it dressing and not stuffing.  You’ll never know if you never ask…..


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