XOXO Valentine’s Day Craft

Can you believe it’s almost February?! As in almost time to celebrate Cupid’s claim to fame? Although Casey and I aren’t head over heels obsessed with Valentine’s Day, we ARE pretty excited to turn up the heat and celebrate love for the next two weeks. We have two amazing +1’s, and we also have amazing families, wonderful friends, supportive DIY Playbook fans, and a whole lot of love surrounding us each and everyday. For ALL of that, we’re beyond thankful and excited to celebrate 02-14-14. To kick it off….
… an XOXO project that can have two different outcomes. Whether you use the final product as a wreath or as shelf decor, you’ll start with the same supplies.

Valentine’s Day Craft Supplies

-Cardboard Letters (XOXO)
-Acrylic Paint
-Mini Paintbrush or sponge brush
-Multi color yarn
-Hot glue gun
-Washi tape
-Embellishments (button/broach)
You can paint your cardboard letters any color you want. To try my hand at a non-traditional Valentine’s day color scheme, I went with….
Aqua Blue!
After the XO’s were painted, it was time to dress them up. (My favorite part!) The embellishment is totally up to you and can look very different depending on what materials you have. I used yarn, a button, an old broach, washi tape, and some old string, but you should use what you have around.
I started with the multi-colored yarn. I hot glued the yarn on the back of the letters and started to wrap it tightly around and around the letter.
After quite a bit of wrapping, I added more hot glue on the back of the letter and glued down the piece of yarn  to conclude that “section” of yarn.
I repeated that process on each of the letters, switching off where I put the yarn on each of the letters. I also used the hot glue gun to glue down some extra embellishments (like the button) and other types of string/washi tape.
My XO’s ended up looking like this.
You could call it quits there and style or “stage” them as bookshelf decor… kinda like this:
XO Decor
XOXO shelf decor
Ooorrrr… you can take it a step further. I took it one step further and hot glued these letters to a long burlap ribbon to create an XOXO wreath. Kinda like this…
This lightweight wreath is unique, colorful and welcomes all of our guests with a warm x and o.
I love the wreath and especially love the happy POP of blue and orange on the clean white door. It seems festive without screaming… I’M A TYPICAL VALENTINE’S DAY DECORATION DRIPPING IN HEARTS & PINK LEOPARD PRINT.
Whether you use these X & O’s as tabletop decor or a hanging wreath, all this DIY takes is a coat of paint and a little creativity with colorful embellishments. In no time, your home will be ready to greet February with a big hug and kiss!


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