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So today we are changing it up and turning the tables a bit. As part of our birthday celebration, we are reflecting on all things DIY Playbook and one of the questions we keep asking ourselves is, “how can we make DIY Playbook BETTER?!” Our answer: making sure our loyal readers & biggest fans are happy.

We want to make sure our blog posts and overall content reflect what YOU really want to read everyday. And heck, what better way to find out what our readers want than to ASK ’em?! So here goes nothing… we are asking YOU to weigh in on your DIY Playbook experience. If you could, we ask that you fill out the survey (it’s completely anonymous, so don’t be shy!) so we have a better idea of how we can change the blog to fit your needs. We only have one request… BE HONEST!! It’ll only make us better. So let’s get right to it…
Thanks so much everyone. We appreciate you taking a few minutes out of your busy day to help us out. We promise we will take all of your answers into consideration as we move forward creating our blog content.

Casey and Bridget DIY Playbook

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