Ask Casey – Our Moving Hopes, My Go-To Summer Outfit, and More!

I get lots of design questions from you guys, but I actually get questions about a lot of other things happening in my life, like marriage, blogging, motherhood, fashion…really every single category! So, I tackle your inquiries in my “Ask Casey” blog post series answering your questions every month or so.

Ask Casey

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The Scheetz Legs

The Scheetz family legs
I have to ask, how do you get those legs?! I know you used to dance, but after two babies, you still look incredible. Please share your secrets and tips!

This cracks me up and is way too kind. I literally haven’t worked out one day since I had Ellis, so it is not any specific workout I’m doing. It’s genetics! My grandma, Meme, had the best legs. We called them the “Scheetz” legs. (Scheetz was her last name.) My mom inherited those legs, as did my sister and me, and I’m pretty sure Rory has them too (lucky girl!). Even my two brothers have some great looking legs!

Last month, I showed a video of my mom and Rory at the beach and I got hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of comments about my mom’s rocking bod! So many people asked how she has such great legs for a 66-year-old. We are blessed and we thank our Meme every day for them! I’m sad that I don’t have more secrets or tips to share, but it truly is just genetics!

My Amazing Assistant

Lindsey helping out with our makeover
Do you have an assistant/intern helping behind the scenes still?

Yes! Lindsey still works for me and we finally had the pleasure of meeting in real life during my Feel Good Makeover weekend. She lives in Kansas City, so we do everything virtually. Not only has it been wonderful to pass a few things off my plate onto hers, but it’s also nice to have someone to bounce ideas around with. She has been a wonderful addition to the Playbook team. I don’t have any immediate plans to hire anyone else, but maybe someday!

Moving Our Family

Our three year home anniversary
You talk about moving a lot. Is it happening and where are you going?

We have no immediate plans to move, but it’s something we talk about a lot. At first, it started as an idea to move away from the snow and cold and find a more temperate state to make new roots. But lately, I’ve felt very unsure about the state of America with rampant gun violence and women’s rights being stripped away. It’s not a place that feels very safe for me or my kids. We have no plans, but we are constantly discussing the idea of moving elsewhere with our little family of four. Have you moved overseas? Where would you go if you could pick up and start over? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments!

Diaper Bags With Two Kids

How have our floors held up?
Do you have two separate diaper bags for Rory and Ellis?

Yes, but we rarely ever use both at the same time. We have this diaper bag that we got for Rory when she was a baby. I love that diaper bag because it’s really cute with vegan leather and gold detailing. Then, we got this diaper bag for Ellis and it’s nice because it’s super roomy with lots of pockets. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find it in stock anywhere right now.

If Ellis is ever leaving the house solo, usually to head to my mom’s, then I pack him up in that. If Rory is leaving the house solo, I pack her up in her bag. However, if we’re all leaving together, we only take one bag and put everyone’s stuff inside. Now that Rory is potty trained, we really only have to bring an extra change of clothes for her and her portable potty, so that certainly helps cut down on the amount of stuff to pack!

Organizing Life

How Finn meal preps for baby led weaning
How do you organize your work life and home life? Things like meal prepping, prepping for work, etc?

I’m a big to-do list person and I like having my week planned out. I share more about how I plan out my week in this blog post, where I share a look at my weekly Trello board. Basically, I devote my Friday afternoons to prep for the week ahead. I write down all of my work and personal to-do’s on my Trello board and that way everything is planned a week in advance. And as I mentioned earlier this week, our new family meetings are really helping to keep us on the same page around here when it comes to big things for the family.

One more thing – there is no way to “do it all.” I wrote an entire blog post about how to balance motherhood and life and the big takeaway is that there is no such thing as balance. I outsource things (we have a cleaner twice a month, someone to mow the lawn, childcare, and more) so I can continue to work, mother, and keep our house running smoothly.

Fave Healthy Breakfast

overnight oats
What’s your favorite meal from your new diet?

If you read this “Year of Casey” post, then you know that I started a new diet back in April. It mostly consists of eating a lot of vegetables and getting rid of junk. I’ve really enjoyed it and I’m down about 10-15 pounds. I’ve eaten these overnight oats pretty much every single morning since I started and I’m not sick of them yet! I make four at a time, so then I have breakfast ready to go. I buy large bags of frozen berries at Costco to keep things easy too. This has been my favorite breakfast by far.

  • 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats
  • 1/2 cup non-fat plain greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup skim milk (or sometimes I use almond milk)
  • 1 1/2 t. peanut butter (reduced sugar and salt)
  • 1 cup frozen berries

Add the first four ingredients together, mix, and put the frozen berries on top. Then, store in the refrigerator. You can also add fresh berries in the morning if you don’t have frozen on-hand.

Go-To Summer Outfit

my go-to summer outfit
What do you usually wear in the summer and your go-to summer outfit?

My new summer uniform has been a tank top, these jean shorts (worth the hype, let me tell ya!), my Birkenstock sandals, and my belt bag. I’ve also been wearing this athletic dress pretty often too. It’s nice because it has the shorts and bra built right in. The only downside is going to the bathroom, since you’re pretty much naked. Ha!

On days when I’m watching the kids, I often opt for athletic shorts (I love these), a tank top, gym shoes, and my belt bag. Again, I go super casual for my summer outfit.

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