Meet Casey & Bridget

Casey and Bridget

Meet Casey & Bridget

We’re the best friends, Chicago ladies, and co-founders of The DIY Playbook. We love a weekend project, we think kindness matters, and we’re not about to quit our daydreams! Read on for more.

We’ve been friends for over 15 years, which means we’ve seen each other through the awkward years (& unfortunately have lots of photos to prove it). Our friendship hasn’t always been about blogging. But it has always included a love for anything creative, bonding through our similar Type-A personalities, and laughing at each other’s bad jokes. Today you’ll find us doing all those same things, while juggling this blog we created together. But this blog wasn’t created overnight.

As college, first jobs, and new adventures came and went, we found a passion for DIY projects and put our creative skills to use decorating our first homes. Wanting to showcase some of our projects to family and friends, we decided to put them on the internet. Because why not?!

So in 2013, The DIY Playbook was officially born.

Now we spend our time shopping for home decor, DIY’ing projects around our homes, and tackling our never-ending to-do lists…while still laughing at each other’s lame jokes.

We are so thankful to have each other as we navigate this crazy blogging journey side-by-side. Because let’s be real, it’s far more exciting to have someone to talk to when you’re waiting for that paint to dry.

We believe
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We Believe...

If we can tackle these projects, you can too!

Champagne is always a good idea.

A beautiful home shouldn’t break the bank.

DIY is the best medicine.

Peanut M&M’s are an after-dinner essential.

In working hard and being nice to people

It all starts at home…and that’s why we’re here!