The Paint Colors in Our Finn Fixer Upper

Just about every day, I’ll get the question, “What paint color is that?” Yep, whenever I show a photo of my home, it’s inevitable that a paint color question is coming my way. Two years ago, Bridget and I shared a post documenting every paint color in our homes. It’s still a great resource if you need some neutral paint colors for your own space. We’ve now been in our Finn Fixer Upper for a year and I figured it was time to do a new post with all of the paint colors of our current home.

Our Warm Paint Color Palette

The best warm paint colors

I decided on a warm paint color palette for this house since my style has evolved to be a bit more organic modern (you can read more about my home’s style here). I like earth tones and muddy muted colors. My last home had a lot of gray and cool tones, whereas this house is all about warm whites. Let’s dive into every paint color you’ll find in our Finn Fixer Upper.

warm paint color palette

Front Door – Benjamin Moore “Blue Note”

Our fall front porch

When we bought our house, the front door was an ugly shade of yellow. I finally got around to painting it in the fall and I went with the color “Blue Note” in a satin sheen. I virtually tried on lots of colors for the door (you can see them all here), but in the end, I decided that a navy was the way to go. I briefly considered a dark green but figured it might look a bit too Christmassy with the red brick next to it. This is a great navy color and it looks wonderful next to our red brick house. You can read my tips for painting the front door in this blog post.

Inside of Door – Benjamin Moore “Tricorn Black”Our black front door

On the inside of the door, I opted to go with “Tricorn Black” in a semi-gloss sheen. I’m really happy I didn’t do white as the black is really striking in our living room. All of the interior doors in our house are painted the color “Simply White”, but making this one black was the way to go. It hides dirt really well, so it’s always looking clean (even with lots of fingerprints on it).

Trim – Benjamin Moore “Simply White”My serena and lily chandelier

All of the trim and doors in our home are painted “Simply White” in a semi-gloss sheen. I really think it’s the perfect trim color because it isn’t too stark of a white and it has warm undertones. It also pairs nicely with the color “Ballet White” which is on most of the walls throughout our house. Which brings me to…

Most Walls – Benjamin Moore “Ballet White”warm paint color palette in our home

Over the summer, my contractor told me he needed all of the paint colors for our house so they could start painting. I really was not prepared for this and I went out and bought 12 samples of warm white paint. 12!! But it was worth it because I found my favorite warm white paint color ever…”Ballet White” in an eggshell sheen. It’s a gorgeous light beige that somehow works in every single room in our house. It isn’t too brown, or too gray…just a gorgeous warm white! Our living room, master bedroom, office, hallways, and more are painted in this color and I’m happy I picked a winner. If you want to see other good warm white contenders, this post has a good list!

Bathroom – Sherwin Williams “Clary Sage”Our bathroom refresh wood wall

The bathroom on our first level features a gorgeous sage green color called “Clary Sage” in an eggshell sheen. It’s very soft and serene. I’ve been really drawn to greens for this house as it’s such an earthy and organic color. If you’re looking for a good sage, this is it!

Guest Bedroom – Benjamin Moore “Tarrytown Green”Our guest bedroom

I love a bold guest bedroom (you can see our dark navy guest room right here) because I think dark walls can be very comforting and cozy. While I haven’t worked on this room very much, I am happy that I have a good jumping-off point with “Tarrytown Green” in an eggshell sheen. It’s bold, yet comforting in here!

Home Office – Valspar “Chimney Smoke”My best shelf styling tips for home decor

The walls in our office are painted “Ballet White”, but we decided to go with the color “Chimney Smoke” in a satin finish for the built-ins and I’m so happy we did. I’ve done lots of white built-ins over the years and it was time for something new. After trying out a few navy paint colors, this was the winner. It is a deep blue that pairs nicely with gold/brass. You can read more about how we painted these in this blog post.

Nursery – Valspar “Warm Fog”Our baby girl's nursery

Our baby girl’s nursery has two main colors in it. On the bottom, we have a sage green chair rail that matches the built-ins. Unfortunately, I don’t have an exact paint color name for this because I had it color-matched to the cabinets (Kraftmaid “Bonsai”). However, if you check out this blog post I took a picture of the can so you can have them mix up this exact same hue at the hardware store!White crib against sage green chair rail

Above the chair rail, I went for the color “warm fog” in a satin sheen. I was opting for a taupey color with pink undertones and this was the winner (you can see the other blush contenders in this post)! In some lights, it looks a tad blush. In other lights, it’s taupe. No matter what, I love it and the warmth it brings to this sweet space.

warm paint color paletteSo there you have it! My warm paint color palette in our Finn Fixer Upper. Hopefully, this is helpful as you decide on paint colors for your home.

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