Room Refresh – One Entryway, Three Ways

“One Room, Three Ways”, is a new series that focuses on how to put together rooms that reflect your personal style without having to get rid of everything you already own. Because it’s crazy to think that you have to throw everything out and start from scratch. Instead, you can purchase a few new pieces of decor to transform your room so it reflects your style.

And because not everyone’s style is the same (I’m still figuring out mine!), I’ll provide three different options you can use for inspiration. We’ll start with three basic pieces and then layer in rugs, lighting, and accessories to change up the look!

Today’s topic? How to master an entryway refresh!

My Love for EntrywaysSelling our Chicago condo

In the first post of this series, I showed you how to design a living room in three different ways. Now the entryway might not be an entire room, but it’s still a verrrrrry important spot in your home. Yet, it’s often overlooked and neglected.

First, the entryway should allow for a  lot of function. Whenever you leave the house or walk in the door, you want a designated place for the important items you use to make your everyday life easier. For me, that’s a bowl for my keys. By using that bowl, I know exactly where my keys are at all times and if they’re not in the bowl…something is seriously wrong! I also love having a mirror in my entryway because I can give myself one more glance before heading out the door into the real world (which is a big deal when you work from home by yourself most of the time!).

Second, your entryway should also be stylish, organized, and clutter-free. But many entryways I see are either a disorganized mess or completely bare, lacking any personality. This is the first spot your guests see when they walk through the door, so it should give a glimpse into your style and tell your family’s story! Don’t neglect this spot! Creating a small drop zone in an entryway

I created a little drop zone in my mom’s condo that’s functional AND stylish. This post outlines the steps to recreate this look, even when you don’t have lots of space (I’m telling ya, it’s possible in just about any home!).

Entryway Refresh – Foundational Pieces

entryway basics one room, three ways

From small apartments in the city, to older homes in the suburbs, entryway layouts and spaces can vary so much. I want this post to be helpful for everyone, so I’m refreshing two pieces that I think most of us would be able to fit into our entry – a console and a small area rug.

If your entry is too small for a console (I’ve been there and I feel your pain!), I recommend swapping out the console for a floating shelf (love this one) and opting for a small scale mirror. Continue reading, though, because even the smallest of entryways deserves some love.

Style #1

entryway modern one room three ways

When I’m ready to refresh a room, I often take to Instagram and a few of my favorite blogs for inspiration (you can read my faves in this post). However, sometimes my biggest inspiration comes from a cool new restaurant or browsing some of my favorite shops. I found this amazing wallpaper and before I knew it, I had styled out the entire look in under thirty minutes. One of my biggest tips for entryways and any small space is to go bold with the finishes. This wallpaper makes the room and helps the more basic console and sisal rug feel more current.

Hygge and West Wallpaper

And this pretty wallpaper deserved a pretty great mirror so I paired it with this beautiful sculptural option from CB2. I recommend completing the space with a functional stool and other muted accessories that let the mirror and wallpaper really shine!

Style #2

entryway modern organic one room three ways

You guys know I’m all about the warm tones and natural elements these days (like the design vibes for our new house!) which is what inspired me to create this next look. My focus here was to create a super functional space that looks pulled together, but with a casual vibe perfect for a busy family.

With this goal in mind, let’s talk about the wall mirror first. It has hidden storage! There are a few hooks for small items like umbrellas and dog leash as well as hanging space. I would avoid loading it up with stuff, but it’s a great storage solution for daily used items that can get misplaced in drawers and closets.

potterybarn mirror with storage

From a styling perspective, the hero piece in this design is the beautiful print hanging above the console. If you guys are unfamiliar with the Juniper Print Shop, I highly recommend you check them out. It’s run by fellow blogger, Jenny Komenda, and offers affordable prints that can be downloaded or printed on beautiful matte paper for a little bit more. I’m definitely eyeing a couple of pieces for our new house! This is such a good way to get large-scale art at an affordable price!

Style #3

entryway one room, three ways scandinavian

This last entryway design is for all of those minimalists out there who, while wanting their home to look clean and modern, also want spaces to feel relaxed and inviting. Bring on the hygge vibes! Like with other neutral designs, it’s important to bring in lots of texture which can be difficult to accomplish in a small entryway. Where do we put the five pillows I have on standby?

Texture can be layered in with more than just rugs and throws though. Here the surfaces of the pendant light, catch-all tray (close up of that beauty below!), wall hooks, as well as the more obviously textured baskets layer the space with different finishes. Speaking of baskets, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Not every basket in a space needs to match. Have fun with some of those final accessories especially when the space doesn’t have much color.

petrified wood catch-all dish

The element of this space that I think can’t be skipped is the pendant light. Scandinavian design is known for great lighting and adding a statement pendant option, where a lamp is normally placed, is an unexpected touch that completes the look. Not to mention, investing in pendant lighting will give you more surface area, making the space more functional overall. Win-win!

Which Entryway Refresh is Your Favorite?

Now, I would love to know…which design look is your favorite? As always, I love elements of each one. The mid-century mirror is to die for, the Modern Organic is closest to my home style, and I’m obsessed with those unique wall hooks in the Scandinavian look. You really could take items and tips from each of these looks to create an entryway that is totally you! But still…if you HAD to choose….which one?! Do tell in the comments below.

I hope this post proves that you don’t have to start from scratch when decorating a room (or even just doing an entryway refresh!). Instead, with a few key accessories and styling, you can create a home that truly reflects YOUR style!



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