A Comprehensive List of the Paint Colors in our Homes

Whenever we post an interior photo on Instagram, we’re bound to get the question…” what paint color is that?!” And we get it. Choosing the right paint color for your home is tough (in fact, we have a whole post on how to make the process easier right here), and seeing a color in a real home is always a good idea before you paint all of your walls.

Our favorite neutral paint colors for your home

Our Favorite Neutral Paint Colors

And while we never mind answering that question, we thought it would be beneficial to have a blog post dedicated to all of the paint colors we have in our homes. Consider this to be our list of favorite neutral paint colors! Now we can always point people to this post if they have specific questions about the colors throughout our homes.

Our favorite neutral paint colors for your home

Bridget’s Old House – Paint Colors

the best neutral paint colors to use in a house

We rarely show photos of Bridget’s old home here on the blog anymore (you can always check it out over on this page), but we did want to include all of those paint colors in this roundup. So let’s take a walk down memory lane and check out her old crib.The paint colors in Bridget's first home

Main Room – Benjamin Moore “Revere Pewter”family room painted in benjamin moore's revere pewter

Revere Pewter was such an interesting color in our first house. It’s a greige that read more gray during some parts of the day and at other times of the day, it read more beige. So crazy! I loved the color, but because of its chameleon tendency, it’s a color I would highly recommend testing and watching at all different times of the day before committing.

Bedroom – Valspar “Filtered Shade”bedroom pained in valspar's filtered shade

When we painted our bedroom, we were on the hunt for the TRUEST gray we could find and Valspar’s Filtered Shade fit that bill. I loved it because it looked like a true gray in this space with a TINY undertone of cool tones.

Bathroom – Behr “Crooked Bend”

bathroom painted in behr's crooked bend

We added white shiplap to our bathroom and wanted a darker color next to the shiplap to add contrast. This bold greige was perfect and played well with the tan tile and dark brown vanity. I felt like it was the grayest I could go without making the beige tile (ugh!) stick out like a sore thumb. For that reason, I really loved this color!

Office – Behr “Falling Snow”

office painted in behr's falling snow

Trying to create a light and bright space in this small office, we opted for Behr’s Falling Snow. We tested out a lot of shades of white paint but ultimately decided on this one. Note to others, this white does have a subtle yellow undertone, which I wasn’t in love with. But it is a good white to choose if your trim and doors aren’t freshly painted, because it doesn’t make them look like they’re dirty (like other bright white paints might).

Front Door – Benjamin Moore “Covington Blue”front door painted in covington blue

I loved this door color so much, we ended up painting the exterior and interior of this door Covington Blue.  It was the perfect pop of color both inside and outside and instantly upgraded our curb appeal.

Casey’s House – Paint Colors

When we moved in, we put a fresh coat of paint on every wall in our new condo. Our bedroom was originally lime green (eek) and the rest of the home was a light blue (not totally our style). Fresh paint instantly revitalized every room!

Since then, we’ve slowly re-painted other spaces as we’ve decorated them (like our guest room and guest bathroom). Here are the paint colors in our Chicago condo

A neutral paint color palette for a home

Main Room & Master Bedroom – Benjamin Moore “Gray Owl”

Both our master bedroom and the main room in our house is painted in Benjamin Moore’s “Gray Owl.” This is by far one of my favorite light gray paint colors. It’s a true gray and has a slight blue undertone (but not too blue!) and it looks great in our well-lit rooms.

Guest Bedroom – Valspar “Dutch Licorice”

This dark navy is just the dreamiest. I was sooooo nervous to go this dark and this bold in our home, but I’ve never looked back. A gorgeous dark navy paint color that I still adore years later!

Guest Bathroom – Sherwin Williams “Peppercorn”

I’m also very happy with our chose of the color “Peppercorn” in our guest bathroom makeover. This dark gray paint color pops against all of the white in the space and I just love how it turned out. Here’s more scoop on painting this small space.

Master Bathroom – Sherwin Williams “Repose Gray”

I rarely post photos of our master bathroom on here, so I had to dig this old one up of our DIY shelves over the toilet. We painted this bathroom the color “Repose Gray” and I think it’s a good one to go with tan tile. I tried a few other samples of gray paint in this room before painting, and they all seemed too cool next to all of the beige. This color has a nice warm undertone so it pairs well with all that tan!

Board & Batten Hallway – Valspar “Ultra White”

When we added the board and batten to our little hallway (which I’m obsessed with!), I had to paint the bottom portion of the wall white. I went with the color “Ultra White” by Valspar and it’s holding up really well. Some areas get a little scuffed sometimes, but it’s nothing that a little magic eraser can’t tackle! I think it’s a good bright white that really lightened up this area of our home.

Bridget’s House – Paint Colors

The paint colors in Bridget's home

Main Room – Benjamin Moore “Silver Satin”

family room painted in benjamin moore's silver satin

Almost our entire house is painted in Benjamin Moore’s “Silver Satin” because I loved the airy feel of it. It only offers a tiny hint of color and encourages the home’s decor to be the star of the show, rather than the paint color.

That was my goal when I chose the paint color. I wanted a color that would match with EVERYTHING while still keeping each room super light and airy. Benjamin Moore’s “Silver Satin” did just that!

Interior Doors – Sherwin Williams “Tricorn Black”

interior doors painted in tricorn black

As for as I’m concerned, “Tricorn Black” is the perfect black. It’s a pure black without a ton of undertones. If anything, it airs on the side of cool, but that’s a stretch because to the naked eye I feel like it looks BLACK. We loved it so much in our mudroom, we painted the interior of our front door this color and our garage door too!

Mudroom – Sherwin Williams “Extra White”mudroom painted in sherwin williams white

And just like tricorn is to the color black, extra white is to the color white. I love how PURE white this looks on the brick in our mudroom. Unlike my old office, this white is brighter, cleaner looking, and doesn’t have any obvious undertones.

However, I would be careful using this to paint a wall if you have trim or doors that haven’t been painted in a while. You may be surprised at how “yellow” your doors/trim look with this fresh coat next to them.

Front Door – Benjamin Moore “Stratton Blue”

stratton blue door by benjamin moore

And last but certainly not least, everyone needs a pop of color on their front door, right?! I didn’t want to do blue again in our second house, but this “Stratton Blue” is what played the best with our brick color. It’s not as bright as “Covington Blue” and has more creams in it, which makes it work perfectly with the cream brick. Plus, I love how it looks with the brass hardware! If you’re painting your front door, check out this post that walks you through the steps to get the perfect finish.

Our Favorite Neutral Paint Colors

The best neutral paint colors for your home

So there you have it, a comprehensive guide to some of our favorite neutral paint colors! For those of you who have been around awhile, this is probably much of a review. Thank you for sticking around! And for those newbies who are tuning in and knee-deep in one of the hardest DIY decisions of. all. time, choosing the perfect paint colors, we feel your pain and hope this helps!


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