Tips to Paint a Bathroom – Dark Gray Paint

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Last week, we chatted about the samples I tried out for our bathroom space. The color “Peppercorn” by Sherwin Williams came out the victor in the battle of the dark gray paint colors and I couldn’t be more thrilled with this gorgeous dark hue. Make sure to buy paint samples before you choose your dark gray paint color for your space

After choosing the color, I recruited Bridget (& baby Ben) to come help me get this bathroom painted. Bridget’s dad is a professional painter (Hey Big Mike!) and he has passed down some amazing knowledge onto us over the past few years. In fact, before we started the blog, Bridget had never ever painted anything before. Isn’t that crazy?! Big Mike always handled the painting in her house, so she never really “learned” how to paint. Luckily, we’ve now painted plenty of spaces and actually love painting. I like using the Showcase HGTV line by Sherwin Williams from Lowe's

To change things up, we thought it might be fun to create a little video of our painting project along with our best practices to get the perfect finish. Because this room is tiny to begin with…and a large chunk of it is covered in subway tile…we really didn’t have a ton of area to cover, so our day was extra fun and this project flew by.

Video: Tips to Paint a Bathroom

We hope you give the video a watch (it isn’t super long), but if you just want some of our best tips to paint a bathroom, here they are!

It’s All About the PrepClean your walls and use painter's tape to prep your room before painting

Prepping the space isn’t the most fun task because you just want to get started painting already…but it’s a must for a good paint job. Before Bridget & Ben came over, I patched holes with lightweight spackling (here’s how to do that), got dust off the walls with a rag, protected the floors with paper, painted the ceiling a crisp white, and used painter’s tape on the ceiling and edges. It took some time, but then we were able to get started right away when the B’s came over.

Choose a Quality Paint BrushInvest in a quality paint brush (we love the Purdy brand) to make sure you get a good paint finish

This is a tip we learned from Big Mike. He always recommends buying a high-quality paint brush (we love Purdy paint brushes), even though they may be a bit more expensive up front. If you buy the cheaper brushes, the hairs may come off into your paint job and that’s no bueno. Buy a quality brush, clean it well after use, store it back in its cover (yes, save the case!), and your brush can last for YEARS!

“Lay Off” When RollingLay off excess paint with a roller when you roll out a wall

Again, another tip we learned from the pro. When you’re rolling out a wall, cover a 4-5 foot area and then go back over that area again with the roller (but don’t dip it back in the paint). This ensures that you “lay off” any excess paint and you avoid any drips or heavy spots in your paint job. Genius!

Use a Rag to Close the CanUse a rag to close a can of paint

We’ve been using this technique for years (and even did a whole blog post about it!). When closing the paint can, put the lid on, throw an old rag on top, and then use a hammer to close it. That way paint won’t splatter all over your room. Simple and effective.

Before & After

Light gray bathroom paint color beforeDark gray paint color, Peppercorn by Sherwin WilliamsLight gray bathroom paint color beforeDark gray paint color, Peppercorn by Sherwin WilliamsI am thrilled with the dark gray paint color we chose for the space. I knew I needed a dramatic color to contrast with all of the white tile and “Peppercorn” got the job done. I highly recommend this dark hue if you want a dramatic look in your space.

What Now?

Now that most of the major DIY projects are done, we’re rolling right along! Next week, I have another video for you guys…this time it’s all about installing a vanity. Can’t wait to get this bathroom up and running again!


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