Jan’s Bedroom Refresh – The Gameplan

Earlier this week, I chatted about the home goals I have for our house. But I’m also planning a few projects outside of our Finn Fixer Upper! First up? My mom’s bedroom refresh.

Jan's bathroom renovation lessons

I’ve shared every single room in my mom’s home (you can view it all right here) and even revealed her space all decked out for the holidays. And while her place is “finished’, I feel like a home is never really done. You need to constantly tweak, as your life and style change over time.

Jan's bedroom before

We revealed her main bedroom here on the blog a few years ago and she has always loved the space! It’s light, bright, and feminine. However, one of the things she knew she needed was a new mattress – hers is almost 20 years old – so I helped her figure out what kind to get. And then that spurred us to think of a few other items she might want for the space. It’s just like the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie! If you give your mom a new mattress, she’ll want new nightstand; when she gets new nightstands, she’ll need new lights to hang over them, etc.

So here we are…all ready to give her an easy bedroom refresh to kick off the year!

Jan’s Current Bedroom

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Wall Color: Benjamin Moore “Gray Owl” // Bed // Art (local from a shop) // Rug (HomeGoods) // White Duvet // Lamps (HomeGoods) // Nightstands (originally from Pottery Barn) // Blush Quilt // Blush Pillows // Other Pillows (HomeGoods) // Woven Shades

Here’s a look at her current bedroom. It’s pretty dreamy, isn’t it? She adores her king-sized platform bed and it spurred me to get a similar bed for our room. She’ll be upgrading to this mattress from Purple and it’s arriving in the coming weeks. She’s excited for a brand new mattress after all of these years.

Choosing new woven shades

Last year, we upgraded her window shades and I shared the entire process in this blog post. She still loves them and they were really easy to install.

Most of the big stuff in here is staying the same. We’ll just be changing up a few things…

New Nightstands

Jan's nightstands in her easy bedroom refresh

If you remember, my mom downsized from a large house in the suburbs to this condo in the city. (You can read more about that experience in this 3-part blog series.) She ended up selling most of her items when she moved to her condo, but a few items from her house came along. Over the last few years, she has gotten rid of everything from her old house and her old style – except the nightstands in her bedroom.

Jan's nightstands are too tall for her space. We're replacing them in this easy bedroom refresh

Don’t get me wrong, these nightstands are gorgeous and in great shape! However, they’ve never been proportionate with her low-profile bed. When it comes to nightstands, you want them to be about the same height as the top of the mattress. That way it’s easy to reach items. I’d say you could go 2-5 inches higher or lower than the mattress, but you don’t want them to be too tall.

Choosing the correct nightstands for your space and upgrading them for an easy bedroom refresh

Her old nightstands never really worked well with her lower platform bed -they were 28″ high – and we knew that new nightstands would be the way to go. I ended up selling these for her on Facebook Marketplace and they were gone in a day! She then used that money to buy new nightstands that are a better height and size for her room. These are the gorgeous ones she chose!

Upgraded Lighting

Once we found new nightstands, Jan realized that the lamps she has (from HomeGoods) really didn’t work well with the new style of the nightstand. I’m telling ya, sometimes one decor decision leads to another and then another……

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To free up some space on the surface of her nightstands, we’re going with sconces instead of a table lamp. I did that in our main bedroom and I absolutely love them! I have so much room on our nightstands for my water bottle, sound machine, and the baby monitor at night. It’s glorious!

I also already sold the lamps on Facebook Marketplace and we again used that money to buy new sconces for her easy bedroom refresh. (I feel like I need an entire post about selling things on that site because we’ve been having such great luck with it!)

A Larger Rug & Updated Accessories

Tips to install woven shades in your bedroom

One thing my mom has always talked about with her home is the need for a bit more color. Her bedroom had some blush in it with the pillows, but other than that it was mostly gray and cream.

Rug in jan's room swapping it for a new one for the bedroom refresh

Her current rug was a steal from HomeGoods and it’s worked fine all of these years. But in order to add a bit more color to her bedroom, we’re getting this rug in an 8.5 x 11.5 size. Her old rug was an 8×10, and this new one will be a better scale with the king-sized bed. She actually gave her current rug to a friend already, so it’s a win-win!

Finally, no bedroom refresh is complete without a few new accessories. I want to re-style the nightstands, add some new decorative pillows, and maybe hang pictures under the new sconces. We’ll see how it all comes together over the next few weeks.

Easy Bedroom Refresh – Mood Board

Jan's easy bedroom refresh

Gold Frame // Platform Bed // Lumbar Pillow // Greenery // Woven Box // Waffle Throw Blanket // Gray Vase // Nightstand // Rug (Ink/Salmon Color) // Sconce

We’ve already ordered all of these items, so this easy bedroom refresh should be fast-moving. I can’t wait to share more in the coming weeks as we get this space together.


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