Our New Bedroom Sconces + My Fave Lights

I’m back from my blog break to chat about the latest update in our main bedroom. As you know, we’ve been working away on this space and we are inching towards that finish line. Here’s what we’ve done so far…

Today, let’s talk about the new bedroom sconces I added next to our bed. I’ve always loved the look of bedside sconces because it reminds me of a hotel – so regal, so luxurious, so damn fancy. Not to mention, utilizing bedroom sconces instead of table lamps frees up so much space on a nightstand. And since our new nightstands will be a tad smaller than our current ones, I wanted to clear up as much surface space as possible.

My New Bedroom SconcesOur new bedroom sconces next to our bed

I ended up buying these sconces in a brass finish. I waited until Pottery Barn was having a sitewide sale and scooped them up! Shipping took longer than expected, but I was so happy when they finally arrived. Brass sconces from Pottery Barn

Because our bed is now so big, my biggest fear was choosing lights that would look way too dinky. Compared to most of the sconces I found, these are actually pretty hefty at over a foot tall. Plus, I love the rounded linen shade on these. Choosing new bedroom sconces

I specifically chose a hardwired sconce because I didn’t want to deal with a cord. Plug-in sconces are a great option if you’re trying out new lighting or don’t want to fully commit to something hardwired, (They’re a great option for renters!) If you opt for a plug-in sconce, check out this blog post with tips to hide the cord and make it look a lot neater.

How High to Hang Bedside Lights?How high to hang bedroom sconces?

Before the electrician came, I figured out exactly where I wanted the new bedroom sconces to be installed on the wall. Some designers recommend placing the sconces about five feet off the ground, but that just seemed way too high with my bed. Other designers recommended sitting in bed and installing them a few inches above your shoulder, so it’s good lighting when you read. I liked that look a bit better.Figuring out the best bedroom sconces for your space

I ended up going 45 inches up from the ground and 12 inches to the side of the bed. I put painter’s tape on the exact spots so my electrician knew where to install them. My new nightstands will be smaller  – shorter and thinner –  and I think the sconce placement will still work beautifully with the new furniture in place.

While I was all prepared for the placement of the sconces themselves, I totally neglected to think about the light switch! These sconces don’t have on/off switches located on them. Instead, they’re controlled through a light switch. After chatting with the electrician, he said he could add another switch near the doorway, but it would be a bit tricky because he would have to get the wiring all the way to the door, or he could put a switch near the bed.Finding the perfect placement for bedroom sconces

Finn and I went back and forth on this a few times and ultimately decided that we liked having the switch near the bed. That way we could turn the lights off easily when laying in bed and we wouldn’t have to get up. We also synced the switch to our Alexa, so we can always tell her to turn the lights off.

In terms of placement, we opted to put the switch behind the bed frame on the left side. It’s completely hidden when you’re in the room and you can really only see it if you go all the way over to that side of the bed. Our new brass bedroom sconces

I hired out the installation of these because I don’t DIY electrical projects of this sort. I can swap out light fixtures, but adding electrical where there isn’t any is outside of my skillset and I like to keep those projects to the professionals. Not to mention, electrical code is different in every city and I’d say most areas require this kind of project to be done by a licensed professional.

Other Favorite Bedroom Sconces

I love the bedroom sconces we chose for our space, but here are some other gorgeous ones to choose from. Below is a mix of hardwired and plug-in sconces and I think any of these would look great over a bedside table.My favorite bedroom sconces

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

Main Bedroom Sources Our new bedroom sconces

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore “Boothbay Gray” // Bamboo Shades // Dresser (Restoration Hardware Outlet) // Door Knobs  // Ceiling Fan // Nightstands (from MegMade) // 9×12 Rug // Cream Bed //  Wallpaper // Rug Pad // Mattress // Gray Velvet Curtains // Curtain Rods (with European Gold Rub ‘n Buff) // White Duvet // Sheets // Cream Bed Blanket // Bench (no longer sold) // Sheepskin Throw //  Striped Pillows (no longer sold) // Lumbar (custom) //  Large White Vase // Brass Sconces

What’s Next?Finding new bedroom sconces

This post gave you a few sneak peeks of the new dresser we added to the room! I ended up finding an awesome deal at our local Restoration Hardware Outlet. More details coming soon, but just know that it was an amazing find and we are loving it. I believe the new nightstands are supposed to arrive this week, so fingers crossed on that.


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