Spray Painting Affordable Sconces In The Bedroom

Last time we chatted about my bedroom, I asked you guys to weigh in on what color I should spray paint the affordable sconces I had recently bought. Thanks to your feedback, I went with brass and could not be happier with this budget-friendly DIY.

Today I’m chatting all about spray painting affordable sconces in hopes to prove that even if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can still make it work in the name of DIY! brass sconces for under $40 in the bedroom

And the best part is, the entire process of spray painting and hanging these sconces was super simple and very quick (if you don’t count dry time).

Spray Painting Affordable Sconces

rustoleum brass spray paint to paint affordable sconces

The #1 question I was asked about this project when I shared it on InstaStories was, “what spray paint did you use?”. So I wanted to start off this post and immediately answer that question. I used 2 coats of Rustoleum’s two in one paint/primer in Metallic Gold. I am super happy with the color and the finish of the paint. The only mistake I made was a drip on one of the bases. I used too much spray paint on one of the coats because I was impatient and wanted to hang it ASAP. Rookie mistake. I should have been patient and should’ve not forced the coverage, that would have ensured no drips.

spray painting affordable sconces brass Thankfully the drip is hard to see unless you’re very close and inspecting the scone. My guess is that not too many of my guests will be doing that so I’m not worried about it. My hope is that if you’re tackling this project, you can be far more patient and learn from my mistake. Several light coats is far better than two heavy ones. #oops

Hanging These Affordable Sconces

nightstands before hanging sconces the easy way

This was my first time hanging sconces and I was expecting it to be far more complex than it was! Some sconces require wiring if you’re installing them right into the wall like in Casey’s Guest Bedroom. But I didn’t have electrical running to these locations so I opted for a plug-in sconce instead. That way I could hang the sconce anywhere I wanted, as long as I could plug them into the wall outlet (that hides behind my bed).

The directions were very easy to follow. I’m sure each fixture is slightly unique, but the basic process requires you to hang the light fixture on the wall. This one came with a base you hang up first and then you simply screw  the fixture onto the base. The step was similar to hanging a picture with anchors — super easy!

easy tips and tricks for hanging sconces

Now it was time to hide that cord.

Hiding a Sconce’s Cord

Thankfully this part was just as easy as the first part. I simply threaded the cord through the piping (which I had already spray painted). Then I used the hardware to mount the piping to the wall. The biggest tip for this step is to make sure the pipe is vertically level (aka “plumb”) before mounting it. Then, I snapped on the plug and plugged it into the electrical outlet behind our bed. This step probably took me less than 5 minutes.

Loving These New Affordable Sonces

how to hang sconces in the bedroom

I immediately fell in love with the new sconces. The look, the color, their price tag, their function, and the fact that they provide a lot more room on our nightstands– what’s not to love? I haven’t gotten around to styling that additional space, and maybe I won’t because I’m actually loving less “stuff” on our nightstands. using sconces to work in your bedroom in the darkAlready Matt and I have gotten so many uses out of these sconces. We usually turn off the overhead lights, climb into bed, and put on the sconces. Matt usually reads and I usually do some last minute work on my phone or laptop… that is if I can still keep my eyes open. That 8:30 pm bedtime sneaks up on me quickly these days!

You Can Do This!affordable sconces in the bedroom

If you’re like me and have always wanted sconces but have never followed through to make it happen. I’m here to say, you SHOULD! You don’t have to buy super expensive ones to love them AND hanging them is far easier than it may seem.

I think the hardest part of this whole project was teaching Matt what a sconce was and then helping him perfect that new word. Haha, we’re still working on it as he continues to call them “sconce-ies”. And every time I literally LOL.



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