Finding a New King-Sized Mattress for Our Bedroom

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by My Green Mattress.

I feel like I’ve been chatting about my desire to upgrade from a queen to a king-sized mattress for such a long time now. But the day has finally come! We took the plunge and I’m happy to report we are in love with our new bed. Yes, even Finn is on board!

Earlier in the year, I asked for your best recommendations for mattresses, because there are a heck of a lot of mattress companies out there and it can be overwhelming narrowing it down. Many of you wrote me saying that you love your bed from My Green Mattress and that I should check them out since they are a local company. I’m always a big fan of supporting small businesses, especially when they’re from the Chicagoland area, so I was really excited to check out their selection.

Visiting My Green MattressMy green mattress showroom

I connected with Tim, the founder of My Green Mattress, and made a date to check out their showroom and also take a tour of their factory. They’re located in LaGrange, Illinois, which is only a thirty minute drive from my house. I met with Tim and learned all about how he has built this small business from the ground up.

Tim’s daughter suffers from severe allergies and eczema and he was looking for an all-natural mattress that would be safe for her. When he didn’t find a mattress that worked well for his family, he decided to make his own! All of his mattresses are handcrafted in his local certified organic factory.mattress factory

I honestly wasn’t sure what made a factory “certified organic” until my visit. Essentially, their mattresses are made from only eco-conscious, sustainable, and organically grown and processed materials. The materials can be sourced back to the specific farm and lots where the materials were grown. Isn’t that wild?! In terms of the factory, they have to meet eco-friendly guidelines for water, energy usage, and even how their mattresses are stored and packaged. I was blown away learning all of this!Touring my green mattress factory

Tim gave me a tour of the facility and the most surprising part to me was how handcrafted the process is. I assumed it would mostly be heavy machinery doing all of the work. Instead, I found a dedicated team of people working on every part of the mattress creation process. Tim knows every person by name, which was heartwarming to witness, and we were able to watch a mattress being made from start to finish. Seeing the care and attention to detail during the process made me appreciate the art of mattress making even more!

Choosing a New MattressMy green mattress king-sized bed

Obviously, I was sold on getting a mattress from them after my visit. I mean, how could I not be swayed after learning all of that?! After seeing their variety of mattresses, I settled on the Natural Escape. It is made from organic latex and has good lumbar support for pressure point relief. It’s also biodegradable and chemical-free. Not to mention, laying on it in their showroom felt like a dream.

As for size, we decided to go with a California King! I’m new to the world of mattress buying, so I wasn’t totally sure about the difference between a king-sized mattress and a California king. Essentially, the California king is longer and less wide than a traditional king. Here are the exact measurements…

  • Queen-Sized Mattress (that’s our old mattress): 59″ x 79″
  • King-Sized Mattress: 75″ x 79″
  • California King-Sized Mattress: 71″ x 83″

Because Finn is tall and was a little hesitant about going soooo much wider with a new bed, I thought the California king would be a good solution for us.

Our New Natural Escape MattressMy new king-sized mattress

My Green Mattress ships all over the country and my new mattress arrived in a box within a few days.Our new platform bed and mattress frame

Finn and I put together our new bed frame and it took us about two and a half hours to complete. It wasn’t hard, just kinda time-consuming. But it was totally worth it because we love our new bed. I also put together a new box spring that goes in the base of the platform bed. I went with this 7-inch box spring because our new mattress is 11 inches deep and the gap between to fill beneath the headboard is 18 inches. If you go with this bed frame, I recommend measuring your mattress depth so you buy the correct box spring. Adding our new king-sized mattress to our master bedroom

I hoisted the new mattress up onto the bed, opened up the plastic, and the mattress instantly expanded into place. It was wild!Our new king-sized mattress from my king mattress

With it all set in place, I flopped on the bed to test it out. Heaven! It’s plush, with a medium-firm feel. The buttons on top of the mattress

The buttons are tufted by hand (I saw this in action during my factory tour) and the attention to detail on the mattress can’t be beat. Also, because it’s an innerspring mattress, it sleeps cool, which is music to my ears. The quilted cover is made from GOTS (global organic textile standard) certified organic cotton and wool which makes it super soft too. Handles on the side of the mattress

It’s recommended that the mattress is rotated  every month for the first three months so it breaks in evenly. After that, it can be rotated seasonally. I’ve never actually rotated my mattress, so I’m vowing to do things right with this one!

Upgrading to a King-Sized Mattress

Enjoying our new mattress from My Green Mattress

I’m not gonna lie, the first few nights in the new king-sized bed felt…weird. Finn and I kept saying we felt like we were in a hotel. The bed just felt ginormous compared to our little queen bed. Our new king-sized mattressBut wow, do we love it now! It feels extra luxurious and there have been a few mornings  when we’ve brought Rory in bed to snuggle with us. Family time together, all curled up on our new bed, feels amazing. Our new king-sized bed

As you can see, the furniture in the room is not working with the new larger bed. Our nightstands were pretty oversized to begin with, so they feel tight with the bed and the dresser. I ordered new smaller nightstands from MegMade.  They are antique and will be painted black and I can’t wait to get them, but I’m still on the fence about the kind and size of dresser I blue green rug from loloi

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore “Boothbay Gray” // Bamboo Shades // Wood Dresser (no longer sold) // Door Knobs  // Ceiling Fan // Nightstands (MegMade) // 9×12 Rug // Cream Bed //  Wallpaper // Rug Pad // Mattress

Oh, and we haven’t discussed the rug. Isn’t it pretty?! I went with this rug in a 9×12 in the natural/sand color, with this rug pad underneath. It reads a bit sage green to me and I think it complements the wall color beautifully. I adore it.

What’s Next?My new california king-sized mattress

Now that the ceiling is done, the walls are painted, and the bed is in, it’s time to focus on the finishing touches. The gold sconces just arrived, so I need to get those installed. Plus, we will hang the frame TV over the dresser, whenever we figure out a new one, and I need to hang the curtains. There is still a lot to do to really get this bedroom to the finish line, but for the most part, the heavy lifting is complete!


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