Allen + Roth Patio Makeover

Disclaimer: We have partnered with Lowe’s to bring you this post. However, all opinions expressed are our own.

A few weeks ago, we gushed about one of our latest patio makeovers and shared how making over someone else’s space is not always strictly sunshine & smiles. Tackling someone else’s space means choosing products that reflect someone else’s style, which is where the love-hate relationship of taking on spaces outside our own homes lies. Love that we get to step outside our typical style and play with colors, patterns, and general looks that may not be our “norm”. Hate that we have to step outside our typical style and play with colors, patterns, and general looks because heck… what if they hate our decisions?! #PlaybookProblems

Thankfully, the love-hate relationship of this patio makeover turned out to be filled with SO much LOVE and ALL sunshines & smiles (knock on wood!). I’ll explain the details in a sec, but first… come check out the stunning transformation of this warm & sunny patio.

Patio Makeover
This patio furniture is dated and old.

The renovated patio with wood furniture is chic and modern.

These plastic patio chairs are old.

This ladder patio decor is great for holding lanterns and plants.

This outdated patio looks run down.

This re-done patio with a "Beer Garden" sign is adorable.

This outdoor patio is in desperate need of a makeover.

These dark patio chairs work well with these orange throw pillows. Is it just us or did you just get the sudden urge to crack open a cold one, kick up your feet and relax? Sorry about that, especially on a Monday and all. But seriously, can you believe it’s even the same space?! We still find ourselves scrolling through the before and afters thinking what a huge difference some amazing new furniture and a lot of fabulous color can do.

We love how much coziness and flavor the bold pops of warm color and rich furniture has brought this family’s patio. For a family that spends a lot of time socializing and relaxing on their patio, we could not have been more excited to reveal the new digs to these very grateful homeowners.

These personalize coasters are a fun decor piece.Plus, we were super excited that we were able to add some personal, affordable pieces to their patio in order to make it feel even more like “home sweet home”. For example, these DIY Polaroid coasters are the perfect way to protect the table while also highlighting the family’s pride and joy, Griswold the basset hound.

The dark outdoor patio furniture pairs well with the colorful rug. We also DIY-ed the “Beer Garden” sign because the family mentioned that they call this space their beloved Beer Garden. We thought a formal sign was a MUST and DIY-ing helped keep the budget in check.


This dark stained patio table is functional and chic. Now let’s talk about the most stunning part of the new patio, which also happens to be our favorite part of the transformation.  The furniture.

How amazing is this table?! I mean, the pictures don’t even do it justice. The color of the table adds such a rich look to the space and the material of the table is durable, sturdy and so on-trend. This striped outdoor rug is colorful and fun. Between us, the whole set was assembled in under 20 minutes… like ARE YOU SERIOUS?! That’s almost unheard of in the crazy-frustrating world of building boxed furniture. Easy directions, large pieces, minimal screws….. need we say more?

And to chalk one more thing up in the “win” column, let’s chat about how quickly this order was shipped. We ordered this Allen + Roth Table & Chairs on a Wednesday and the customer service department was calling us on Saturday to set up a convenient delivery time for Monday. Saaaayyy whaatttt, door to door service in less than a week? #neverseensuchathing

The detail on these patio chairs is antique looking. The cushions and pillows were also part of the Allen + Roth Patio line at Lowe’s. We heart all of the rustic colors and textures that this line has to offer. If we could coin the whole Allen + Roth “look” in two words it would be: Rich & Rustic… with “quality” sandwiched in between there. Plus, A+R isn’t limited to simply outdoor furniture. Like we mentioned before, Bridget used Allen + Roth for her light fixtures and Casey is eyeing a few A+R must-haves (stay tuned…).

This custom "Beer Garden" pallet sign is cute.

This M sign is colorful and water resistant. This “M” marquee was a $14 steal at HomeGoods. Pop of color + personal touch + weather resistant = winner!
This outdoor grill apron hangs right against the wall.

This vintage ladder is great for holding flowers. The ladder we found in the client’s garage and added it for the patio for some height & color. The bottom lantern was part of the A+R collection and so was the ombre pot. Both oozing with that “rich & rustic” feel.

This basset cross sign is a fun decor piece. And how about this basset crossing sign?! Of course we had to give another shout-out to the family’s favorite “child”. A DIY-ed pallet seemed like the perfect ticket. I mean, if nothing else, at least they’d love our work because of the basset charm.

This basset dog loves sitting on the outside patio area. #Unimpressed

The wood I had lying around in my garage (it was actually what I used to cover my air conditioning unit throughout the long, Chicago winter), and the paint was an old sample I had in the garage bringing the grand total of this statement art to a whopping $0.00 + tax.

This fun outdoor patio space is cohesive and whimsical.

The textiles in the patio work well together. And to highlight the textiles from the furniture & cushions, we DIY-ed the rug using Casey’s previous tutorial. What a POP of color this rug brings without breaking the bank!

Fresh flowers add a nice decor element to any patio area.

This basset hound is content under the sun in the new patio area. Overall, the amazing Allen + Roth furniture, the super-simple assembly, and the crazy fast/easy delivery by Lowe’s made this patio makeover all sunshine and smiles for these two rookies. And despite the unimpressed look on Griswold’s face… we know he loved it too! I mean, how could he not?!


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