How We Plan to Hide a Plaster Ceiling In Our Kitchen

You guys know that my kitchen renovation plans are slowly in the works behind the scenes. I promise to share all of the details once they are ironed out and we officially start the reno. But until everything is all set, I’ve been sharing some of my inspiration and plans for this space, including today’s topic — how to hide a plaster ceiling.

Plaster Walls & Ceilings

nursery with plaster ceilings and wallsI don’t know if I’ve told you this before, but all of our walls and ceilings in our house are plaster. The walls look pretty identical to drywalled walls (thanks to lots of prep work!), but the ceiling in the kitchen is very imperfect because of the plaster. We did a lot of taping and prep work to the ceilings in the other room, so those ceilings are better (not perfect… but better).

hiding a plaster ceiling with armstrong ceiling inspirationBut since we haven’t touched the kitchen ceiling, the plaster ceiling in there looks very “wavy” and imperfect. It’s hard to capture the imperfects in a photo so I hope you can take my word for it.

My Plans to Hide A Plaster Ceiling

We could try and fix these imperfections by taping and patching the ceiling, but they still probably won’t be “perfect” because of the nature of plaster. My dad suggested we put white beadboard or paneling on the kitchen ceiling to hide the plaster forever and I was immediately sold.Using ceiling planks to hide a plaster ceiling

We worked with Armstrong Ceilings a few months ago to hide a popcorn ceiling in this guest room, and we both LOVED it. We really liked working with this product and loved the final look. So it was a no-brainer that we would use this product once again to hide the plaster ceilings in my kitchen.

Kitchen Ceiling Plank Inspiration

But before I decide on the exact product (there are so many options to choose from!), here are some of the ceilings I used as inspiration.

house tweaking kitchen with ceiling paneling
Kitchen via House Tweaking

ceiling paneling by studio mcgee
Kitchen via Studio McGee

kitchen inspiration and ceiling paneling by studio mcgee
Kitchen via Studio McGee

inspiration for hiding a plaster ceiling via Chris Loves JuliaKitchen via Chris Loves Julia

My Plan to Hide a Plaster Ceiling

Simple ideas for hiding a plaster ceiling

Although Armstrong has a lot of options to choose from, my plan is to hide the plaster ceilings in my kitchen with a very similar style product we used in the kids’ bedroom a few months ago. I like the clean lines, the simple planks, and the white finish.

hiding a popcorn ceiling with armstrong ceiling

I actually just found out that Armstrong Ceilings sells this specific style at Lowe’s so I think I’m going to order these exact ones from Lowe’s for our kitchen. The only thing I’m still a little unsure about is how I’m going to transition the tile on the wall, running up to the ceiling, to the ceiling planks. But honestly, I’m not too worried about this.

kitchen with thick crown molding

Kitchen via Brooke Wagner Designs

I think if I add crown molding (like the image above), the transition will work just fine. And any excuse to “need” crown molding is a good one in my playbook. Mine probably won’t be nearly as thick as the image above though!

kitchen with plaster walls and ceilingSo that’s our plan to hide our very imperfect plaster ceiling. I’m excited about this project because I love the idea of having this ceiling paneling in our kitchen. The kitchen design is leaning on the modern side, and I think this design element softens that modern vibe a bit, which I’m also excited about. I want the kitchen to feel minimal, clean, and air on the side of modern… but I also want it to be cozy, family-friendly, and very “us”. I think these planks help us achieve that vibe!


P.S. Do any of you have a planked ceiling in your house?! I’d love to hear your thoughts, experience, or advice before we move forward!


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