Finding An Extra Long Couch to Fit in Our New House

It’s been four months since we moved-in and I’m happy to report, we finally have a couch! I don’t think anyone is more excited about this new development than Matt, but I’m a close runner-up. Today I’m breaking down what took so long, why we chose this couch, and what exactly I love about it.

Why the Delay?

Of course, we were eager to buy a couch ASAP but we had a few roadblocks that prevented us from making the plunge right away.Picking stains and preparing floors for furniture

  1. I didn’t want to rush into any decisions and make the wrong one! This has been a theme around here (for better and for worse). With such a large furniture staple like a couch, I wanted to be as intentional as possible.
  2. I didn’t want to bring in a new couch until the dust had settled and most of the large projects were over. I was anticipating that we wouldn’t have anywhere to sit until mid-January, BUT I’d rather have the couch delayed than get it too early and then be overly nervous it was going to get damaged by the work.
  3. Our family room is really long so I needed an extra long couch that would fill it up. I searched for the perfect piece and just couldn’t find one that was comfortable, stylish, and long enough to accommodate our long room. There were plenty of sectionals that fit the ticket but I didn’t want to cut off the open concept of our house by adding a sectional to this space.
  4. Did I mention that I didn’t want to make the wrong decision, so I was overthinking the whole process along the way? Haha, I should do a whole post on this topic because the struggle is real my friends.

A Custom Extra Long CouchMaking progress decorating our house by choosing the right couch.

Ultimately the Sloan Sofa from one of our favorite furniture stores here in Chicago, Interior Define, was the winner! Interior Define has lots of stylish pieces but what really sold me was the ability to customize the size, fabric, and legs.

A Chicago tour of the famous couch storefront, Interior DefineMatt and I visited their storefront in November and together chose the type of couch (comfort was our first priority), the exact fabric (this one is kid-friendly) and the legs (sleek and modern).

Movable CushionsInterior Define's Sloan Sofa is sleek, comfortable and customizable for your space

Another priority that I learned after buying our first couch was that I wanted cushions that were reversible and could fit in any area of the couch. Our old couch didn’t have cushions that could move around so the areas we sat in the most became the most slouchy and worn looking.

My mom’s couch has cushions that could easily rotate and she makes a point to rotate them each month. Her couch is almost ten years old yet doesn’t look slouchy at all because of this trick. This couch design is like my moms, it allows me to rotate the pillows back to front and from one area of the couch to another.Interior Define's Sloan Sofa in Gray Fabric

Size – An Extra Long CouchInterior Define couches can be fully customized, including size, color, fabric, style and even legs

The couches at Interior Define come in a set size but can be ordered in 4-inch increments larger than that original size. I haven’t ever heard of another company that offers this option without a crazy expensive price tag. We ended up going with a 100-inch couch, which works pretty perfectly on this extra long wall.


Matt and I were also able to customize the fabric for the new extra long couch and chose their “cross weave” fabric. They had TONS of options and we focused on their kid and pet-friendly ones since Baby Mac is almost here. They also have an option to “stain proof” the cushions during production, which makes them repellent to spills… we were all over that! I hope I never actually have to test this feature but I have a feeling that spills are inevitable so I was happy with the extra protection.

ColorChoosing legs on an interior define sofa will allow you to customize the style for no extra cost

I thought about stepping outside my comfort zone and adding a pop of color to this couch, especially since we’ve only had gray couches around here. As a blogger, I don’t want to continue to do the same thing over and over, but I also want to do what I love and not just make a decision for the sake of being “trendy”.The First step in buying furniture is finding the perfect couch

I love the idea of trying something new, but I also realized that this couch could be around for 10+ years. I wanted something classic and something that would have the ability to evolve with my style, or as we decorated for different seasons. That’s why I went with the color “seed” in their cross weave fabric. The legs are oiled walnut in a tapered round wood and I’m obsessed with their classic shape.

We almost went with a light gray velvet, which I was obsessed with. But the lines of velvet when you run your hand on it would have driven me legit crazy, I know it. So this “safe bet” gray is what we ended up deciding on. It’s Classic. It’s Versatile. Some may say it’s boring and overdone around here… I don’t disagree. But I do hope it’s a color I won’t have design regret over anytime soon ever! I hope you guys understand and also note that I’m doing a lot of things differently in this house… but not everything.

Our “Runner Ups”

We’re lucky to have an Interior Define storefront here in Chicago so we could go in and sit on all of the furniture and see all the samples in person. However, Interior Define is actually based online so anyone can buy an ID couch and get it delivered right to your living room… with white glove service.Interior Define has amazing couches for just about any space!

Before we ventured downtown to test drive which couch we wanted to buy, I scoured the internet for reviews of other styles. Casey has this same style (in a sectional) so I already knew I loved the comfort of hers. But I also didn’t want to totally copy hers so I was open to other styles. If you’re looking to buy an ID couch, here’s what we found when testing them.

Interior Define oak walnut legs are modern, sleek and can be changed out over timeI really loved the Caitlin Sofa but it was a tad more “formal feeling” when I sat in it. If we were furnishing a living room instead of our family room that we will be watching TV/lounging in, I would definitely buy the Caitlin. I love the shape!

Interior Define Sloan Sofa -- a full reviewThe Charly Sofa is gorgeous, but it is very deep. I really wanted to get this one before visiting the store but when we sat in it, neither of our feet were even close to touching the floor. However, if you love this feel (perfect for naps and serious lounging!), the Charly may be perfect for you!

Living Room – 20% Done, 80% to Go

We’ve been waiting for the couch to be delivered before moving forward with any other pieces of decor or furniture. Now that we have an idea of the size and look, here’s what is next on our shopping list:

  • A Coffee Table
  • 2 Accent Chairs across from the couch — Matt insists they need to be comfortable, I insist they need to be stylish… wish us luck!
  • Side Tables for both the couch and chairs
  • Art above the couch
  • Curtains/Drapes
  • And last but NOT least, BUILT-INS planking the fireplace (so we can finally get rid of that embarrassing tower of cords)! These are in the works and should be installed in the next month or so.

what's next on the family room's to-do list? The living room is only about 20% done but man, I’m loving the progress so far. AND there are so many exciting decisions ahead. I’ll keep you posted!


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