Dining Room Bar Stool Options

Guys…I have had so.much.fun sharing our “dining room” shopping decisions with you all along the way. You’ve helped so much when it came to figuring out which table and chairs to go with for our kitchen/dining space, and I seriously loved reading your input as we finalized our decor decisions. It’s like I have a trusty little team of shoppers right along with me as I make these purchases….love that!

This marble diningroom table from Crate and Barrel is beautiful. Last we chatted, I had chosen a dining room table (this marble one from Crate & Barrel) and I showed you all of our dining room chair options.

The chairs we selected to go around the Crate & Barrel marble table. We ended up going with 2 of these gray upholstered chairs from West Elm, and 4 of these white chairs from Overstock. I almost purchased these white CB2 ones, but they were out of stock and were double the price of the Overstock ones. Plus, they had some great online reviews…which I’m always a sucker for. So ultimately those babies won out.

This white chair was on a great sale. I was super nervous that it wouldn’t all work together. White, marble, gray upholstered, all with varying back heights? Would this be too busy?! But once the chairs came, I was really happy with our choices.

Chairs don't need to match perfectly to create a cohesive look. Detail shot of the grey chairs with a round back. The gray chairs are sooooo comfortable. Seriously, like you’re sitting on a cloud. We love them.

Detail shot of the white chairs around our marble table. The white ones are surprisingly really nice and modern too. I was worried because they were so inexpensive, but they’re actually made well and are super comfortable. I like that I can replace these if needed since they didn’t cost nearly as much as the upholstered ones. Plus, the white really brightens up the space.

White chairs really brighten up the space around the table in this kitchen. Now that the table is finalized, it’s time to move onto the bar stools. We’ve had these Ikea ones for about 3 years now and they’ve served us well. However, they’re just way too dark for the space and they really blend into the wood kitchen island. I’ve been anxious to get rid of them since we moved in, but ultimately wanted to figure out the table situation first. They’ll soon be making their way to a Craigslist near you 😉

Here’s the kind of bar stool we’re looking to purchase…

Bar Stool Must-Haves

  • Must be counter height (typically around 24 inches)
  • Probably do 2 stools…3 might be too much
  • Preferably white (I considered gray…but our next big purchase will probably be a gray couch, and I think that will just be gray overkill)
  • Easy to maintain (i.e. wipeable and not upholstered)
  • Must have a back (Finn’s only must-have for this round)

Armed with my trusty list, I started scouring the internet looking for white bar stools with stellar reviews.Bar stool inspiration selections.

White Mesh // Modern & Silver // White Weave // White Padded

While I feel like they’re all great options, I really like the mesh one from Blu Dot. I’ve loved those chairs ever since I saw them in black in Wit & Delight’s kitchen.Cute mesh bar chairs from Blu and Dot.

Picture via Wit & Delight

They’re fun, not too trendy, and look like they can take some wear and tear. So if I’m being perfectly honest…I’m leaning towards 2 of those! They look a bit off-white online, but in the reviews someone said they’re definitely bright white. So that put me at ease…

A long view down the marble table from Crate & Barrel. Now, the big question…once I decide on the bar stools, will these purchases finally be complete?! Or do you guys think I need a rug under the table? I’m worried it will feel a bit cramped and crowded, but honestly, I don’t know. Again, would love your input!


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