How to Make a Window Look Bigger

During our Lowe’s makeover, there’s one thing that everyone kept saying over and over. “This room feels sooooo huge now!”

lowes-makeover-bedroom-revealAnd we completely agree. It’s crazy how new paint and window treatments completely transformed the room. The ceiling looks taller, the space wider, and the entire bedroom just felt BIGGER.

Tips to Make a Window Look Bigger

lowes-makeover-bedroom-reveal-wide-bedUpdating the window treatments was an easy project that made a big difference, and we have tips so you too can make the windows in your home appear larger.

TIP #1: Go with a Bamboo & Hang it Talllowes-makeover-bedroom-reveal-bamboo

We are big bamboo fans, and love the texture and warmth these shades can bring to a room. You can find shades like this and have them cut down to the right width for your windows (however they do not change the length, but you can change that with this DIY trick.)

You’ll want to first figure out if you need an inside mount or an outside mount for your windows. In this instance, we needed an outside mount and we decided to hang them a couple of inches above the window trim. This is a great trick to make your windows look taller, and no one will even be able to tell that your window doesn’t actually start until a few inches below the top of the shade. Sneaky.

TIP #2: Hang a Sleek Black Rod Real Highlowes-makeover-bedroom-reveal-curtains

Another favorite of ours is a sleek black curtain rod. Every room needs a bit of black in it, and we love adding some sleek hardware to a window. Be sure to hang your rod about 4 inches from the ceiling to maximize the height of the room. Most people go just above the window trim, but don’t make this mistake! Instead go all the way up.

When it comes to figuring out how wide to go with the rod, we recommend about 8 inches off of the window frame on each side.

TIP #3: Choose Flowy Drapes and Hang them Widelowes-makeover-bedroom-reveal-curtains-window-bench

Finally, finish off the look with some white curtains. We typically go with these ones because the price is right. But any white curtains with a nice weight to them will do. If you want to make them blackout (like we did in the Lowe’s room) then you can check out this tutorial from Casey’s master bedroom.lowes-makeover-bedroom-reveal-wide-window

Since your rod is hung 8 inches outside of the window frame, when the curtains are open they’ll really just be covering a portion of the wall. This allows TONS of light to stream through the windows when your curtains are open, making the room much brighter. Plus you won’t be able to tell where the edge of the window begins…making it look like it’s a heck of a lot wider than it is.

So what do you think? Did our tips work? We think these windows look a heck of a lot bigger!how to make a window look bigger


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