7 Ways to Cozy up your Home for Fall

October is officially over (say what?!) and we’re now onto November. It’s crazy how this time of year just flies by! Here in Chicago, we’ve had an unseasonably warm fall so far. We’re talking temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s for a large chunk of September & October. Soooo weird.

Embrace the season with these 7 ways to cozy up your home for fall!While we’re certainly not ready for subzero temps and snow filled days, we are very happy that the temperatures are turning brisk. There’s nothing like a nice chilly walk outside on a fall day, and who doesn’t love being able to open your windows to get some fresh cool air in your home? The best.

We’re ready to embrace the fall season, especially before the holiday kicks into high gear. So today we thought it would be fun to share 9 ways that we both cozy up our homes for fall.

7 Ways to Cozy up your Home for Fall

1. Add TextureAdding texture is one of the 7 ways to cozy up your home for fall.

Cable-knit may be our favorite texture for fall but any and all texture works! We also love a hint of flannel or buffalo check, which can easily be incorporated into decor with a throw blanket, pillow, or even mini rug.

Rookie Secret: Sometimes I’m too cheap to buy a whole new throw blanket for that particular season, so I use one of my oversized scarves and drape it over the couch just like a blanket would be. I’ve done this for quite a few seasons now and no one has ever noticed the difference! Heck, I’m currently using this secret trick. Check out this picture, can you spot the scarf?A rookie secret of the 7 ways to cozy up your home for fall is to use a scarf for draping! No one will ever know. The grey “blanket” draped on the basket is actually one of my fall scarves! It instantly layers in texture without breaking the bank.

2. Make it FragrantAdding fragrance is one of the 7 ways to cozy up your home for fall! Use candles or potpourri!

There’s just something “so fall” about the smell of pumpkin, apple, or anything outdoorsy/woodsy. Trying to incorporate these delicious smells indoors is an easy and authentic way to instantly inject a sense of coziness. We are currently obsessed with this candle, but baking something seasonal, or even trying this stovetop recipe could all work too. <— Casey & Finn gave this potpourri a try and it was amazing!
Lighting candles as one of the 7 ways to cozy up your home for fall is so calming and sets a relaxing mood.

And speaking of candles, fall is the perfect time to light up ALL the candles. I swear we both feel so much calmer when we end our busy days with the ambiance from a candle. Whether we’re still on the computer or finally relaxing, candles make both of our homes feel a lot calmer, cozier, and so much more fall.

3. Upgrade Lighting

Upgrade your lighting or utilize your current lamps and fireplace is another way of the 7 ways to cozy up your home for fall!Now that it’s getting darker so much earlier (hate when that happens!), it’s a great idea to utilize all of the lighting throughout your home. Upgrade your table lamps, add floor lamps, and even consider adding dimmers to over head lighting. We’re big fans of turning on all of the lamps in our homes when relaxing in the evening. It’s better than harsh overhead light and makes for a nice cozy evening in.

And when the temps dip even further, consider utilizing your fireplace! Casey is currently doing a few DIY projects to get hers ready for the season (more on that real soon!)

4. Simplify your Decor

One of the 7 ways to cozy up your home for fall is to simplify your decor.We love using this time of year to pare down and simplify our homes right before the holidays. Usually during this time we transition our closets, get rid of all of the planters, pack up any bright/summery decor, and simplify things indoors. As we pack up some of our summer accent decor, we love the neutral foundation that we’re left with because it feels calmer and it’s perfect to transition us into the holidays.

5. Bring in Live Elements

One of the 7 ways to cozy up your home for fall is bring in live elements. It's revitalizing!And when things are more neutral indoors, the plants in our homes really take over the spotlight. We usually pick up a new indoor plant at the hardware store during this time and hit up the grocery store to buy super cheap greenery for some of our vases. We’re not sure if it’s because everything is slowly dying outside, but there’s something about this life indoors that we really appreciate during the fall.

6. Add a New Doormat

Anyone else feel like their summer doormats are OVERDUE to be replaced at this point? We love using the change of season as an excuse to switch up our doormats and usually pick up a Target doormat because they’re so darn cheap and usually adorable. And heck… for $9, we don’t feel bad if our doormats get dirty throughout the season!

Here are a few of our favorites

Adding a new doormat is one of the 7 ways to cozy up your home for fall!

Image and Inspiration via Chris Loves Julia

We’ve seen a trend throughout the blogosphere this year that people have started layering their doormat with another, slightly larger rug underneath and we LOVE this idea! Has anyone tried this? How do the double rugs hold us?

7. Simple “fall decor” can go a long way One of the 7 ways to cozy up your home for fall is to keep your decor simple!

Throughout this post we’re pretty confident you picked up on the fact that we’re all about “simple” in the fall, and we feel the exact same way when it comes to traditional fall decor. We both live in small spaces and don’t have extra room to be storing a ton of decor that is designated only for fall.

So instead of buying items that can only be displayed during this time of year, we each have a few items and display those items alongside our typical decor. These minor touches are a fun way to mix it up without investing a ton of time, money, or storage to fall decorating.  For Bridget, one white pumpkin and a couple of bundles of wheat are the only subtle changes she needs to make her space instantly feel more fall.


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