The Break Room – September 2022

Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee, get cozy, and let’s take a well-deserved break and catch up about September 2022.

My Recent Buys

  • I added the sweetest new piece to Rory’s gallery wall. It’s a family stitch. I had one made by this shop when I was pregnant with Rory and I finally got around to updating it with our completed family of four. I hung it on a nail and used some museum wax to keep it in place on the bottom. That baby isn’t budging!
  • We just shot photos for our Holiday Gift Guide (I know, I know – Christmas in September?!) so I had to get a few new things for the family to wear for the holiday photos. I ended up getting this burgundy sweater for myself and I love it. It’s so soft. I also added my favorite body lotion and mascara to my cart too.
  • I recently did a little first-floor bathroom refresh over on Instagram stories. To save counter space with our tiny pedestal sink, I installed this wall-mounted soap dispenser.
  • I’ve been lighting this candle every weekend, which is aptly named “Weekend”. It has the nicest grapefruit scent and I have it in this glass hurricane to elevate it even more. And if you don’t have it yet, this is my favorite electric lighter!
An honest review of my castlery dining table
  • Finally, I’m testing out a new Instagram story series called “Tuesday’s Top Finds.” I’ll be sharing a few items each week. Every item is fairly small and inexpensive, and I’ll cover categories from Home to Cleaning to Beauty. I’ll be saving everything in this highlight on my profile!

Finn Family Faves

Ellis turning one

The Click List

Playbook Inspired Projects

sage green nursery walls with removable wallpaper
Playbook Inspired Project by Bridget

I’m working on another Playbook inspired projects blog post and need your help! Have you re-created a project you’ve seen here on the blog in your own home? I want to share your creations in my next post – anything from a small craft to a large DIY project. Fill out this form to submit your ideas and I’ll include them in the next recap.

Finn Family Updates – September 2022

Our flooded basement

The bad news this month was the flooding of our basement. I shared the entire saga over in this blog post, in case you missed it. We are still dealing with the aftermath – insurance claims, flood prevention measures, and quotes for the remodel of the space. It’s been quite a headache, but we’re determined to get through it and make it an even better space for our family.

Ellis, our little one year old in September 2022

The best news this month was Ellis turning one! It’s hard to believe that our sweet little guy has already been a part of our family for a year. He brings so much joy to our household. Ellis is really developing a personality and seems like such a kid now. He is moving and grooving all over the place, talking like crazy, and loving on his big sister.

Celebrating Ellis' first birthday

We had a simple birthday party at home with our family, with presents, cake, and balloons. He loved it and so did Rory!

Ellis and his toy airplane

I also did a little photo shoot of Ellis to showcase his love of airplanes. He wore a little bomber jacket that we found on Poshmark. He held his favorite toy airplane and I tried to get him to wear his aviators, but he wasn’t feeling them. Ha!

Rory and her new school

Rory started a new school this month, so that has been quite a transition. We really like the new school because we can walk from our house, so it’s super convenient. Plus, her teachers are fantastic! It took a few weeks for her to get fully comfortable in her new setting, but she is now excited when I get her up to go to “new school.”

I have some exciting news…I’m planning a group trip in 2023 to celebrate ten years of The DIY Playbook. I recently shared a survey to figure out where you want to go and after going through all of the responses, I’m excited to announce our destination…ITALY! It will be a weeklong trip in early May of 2023 to visit Milan, Lake Como, and Venice. Can you even believe it?! I cannot wait to connect with a small group of readers to do all kinds of amazing activities including a sparkling winery (yes, please!), Italian cooking class, and a boat ride around the islands of Venice.

The trip will officially launch next week, so I will keep you guys posted on exact dates, pricing, and more. You can also sign up at this link to get notified right in your inbox when the trip goes live! Get ready for the trip of a lifetime. I’m bringing my mom along with me and I know we will have a blast with all of you!

Dance classes in August 2022

Shorts // Top // Shoes

Finally, I started dance classes again and I’m loving the workout and fun release it’s giving me! The studio I visited, pre-pandemic, opened up a new studio and their classes are amazing. I love the “Squad” and “Showstopper” classes. If you’re a former dancer, they’re traditional dance classes with a warm-up, across the floor, and a choreographed routine. My stamina is nowhere what it used to be, but I was surprised by how terrible my mental stamina was too! Learning choreography quickly and then performing it was a part of my life back in the day and I have to get back in the swing of things!


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