How to Make your Entire Home Smell Like a Pumpkin Spice Latte for Fall

Last month’s Busy Girl’s Succulent Garden was such a hit here on the DIY Playbook, we thought we would come back with another Busy Girl Craft for you to re-create in LESS than 15 minutes. For those of you who missed it, a Busy Girl Craft is one designed specifically for all of the Busy Girls tuning in (aka all of us) because it is one that does not require a ton of time, creativity, or maintenance. In true busy girl fashion, I’m going to make this tutorial as short & sweet as possible. Start your timers…. let’s do this!!fall decorPlease allow me to introduce you to the charming Pumpkin Spice Latte DIY Candle that will leave your home smelling like a charming little coffee shop while adding some serious fall charm to your home in 15 minutes!

candle vaseYou will need to buy 3 things and 3 things only.

1. Some type of Vase/Container: I bought mine at HomeGoods, but I’m sure you can find one to fit your fall style pretty much anywhere.

2. Candle: I bought a pumpkin candle, but if pumpkin is not your thing, any candle will do.

3. One small bag of WHOLE BEAN coffee: pick your favorite flavor!
coffee candleNow pay very close attention ladies, this step is the ONE and only step of this entire craft so I want to make sure we are all on the same page here. coffee beans

Place the candle in the center of your container and pour in the bag of coffee beans around the candle.


Stop your timers — we’re done! How’d I do on time?

fall decorcandle

Other than the magical fact that this craft took less than 15 minutes, I love that this piece doubles as both a fabulous decor staple AND a way to get your home smelling ah-mazing.  
candle beans
The pumpkin candle mixed with the scent of the warmed coffee beans is the perfect blend for a cozy fall afternoon. Oh, and for the really busy girls tuning in, I have another time-saving secret for you. In a few months, swap the pumpkin candle for a peppermint or pine candle and you are all set for Winter too! #BOOM candle light

But we can’t take the credit for this festive idea. We actually were super inspired by the extremely talented blogger behind the blog Desert Domicile. We saw her version of this combination in her Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour and knew we needed to re-create one for our own homes. Thanks Caitlin… genius!

fall decorSo for all of our fellow busy girls, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses coffee beans this fall, you deserve it.


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