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It’s been almost 2 months since I shared the summer reveal of our new patio. Today I want to give you guys a mini update on how we’re using the space, especially now that it’s all decked out for the fall. I thought I loved our summer patio, but this fall porch and patio is also giving me some serious heart eyes as well.

Our Fall Porch and Patio Setup

fall patio with pumpkins and mums

Couch // Rug // Chairs // Firepit // Side Table // Pillows/Blankets (HomeGoods)

Adding Mums To Create A Fall Patiofire pit for a fall patio

I have a love/hate relationship with mums, which is why I was hesitant to add them to our patio. Each fall, I LOVE how they look while they’re blooming, but hate how they seem to die on me so quickly. I don’t know if it’s the moody Chicago temps during the fall (one day super cold, the next day so hot!) or the fact that I’m not as consistent about watering them, but for some reason, I don’t always have the best luck with mums.

Our fall porch and patio setupHowever, that doesn’t stop me from getting a few each year. I see them at the hardware store and just can’t seem to say no to those charming, bright blooms. Especially since come September, I’m usually craving fall and will do whatever it takes to fast forward the change of season and make it feel cozier around our home.

Our Fall Porch

fall porch with family fall porch filled with colorful mums

This year I also splurged on a few extra mums for our front porch. I couldn’t wait to see these fall colors next to our bright blue door and am now sold on the idea of adding mums to the front porch every single year.

Layering In Pumpkinspumpkins on the patio

After I set out the mums on the patio and the front porch, I bought a few small (and tiny) pumpkins from our local grocery store and grouped them in both spaces. I also bought some all natural critter spray, which smelled absolutely awful, to keep the squirrels away.

firepit outside in the fallSpoiler alert: it’s not working nearly as well as I was hoping. I don’t have a ton of time this year, but I promise to do an experiment next year about ways to keep these little critters from feasting on my collection of pumpkins. Based on the feedback you guys offered on instaStories, there are a lot of options I want to test out! Like hairspray! (who knew?!)fall mums with mini pumpkins on the porch

But even with the squirrels getting to some of our pumpkins, I’m still loving the look and appreciate how “fall” this space feels thanks to the mum and pumpkin combos.

Layering In Texturemums and pumpkins and plaid on a fall patio

Last, but certainly not least, I added in some pillows and a blanket from HomeGoods. The fall colors, plaid, and cozy texture are the perfect pieces to make this space feel extra cozy when we sit out here.

cozying up a patio fro the fallWe love sitting out here in the evening, putting on the fire, and just enjoying the crisp fall air. I wish we could get out here even more than we do, but time seems to get away from us these days. I guess I should be thankful for the time we do carve out to enjoy this space.

The pillows and blankets are not “outdoor pillows” so we don’t leave these out if there is rain in the forecast. And quite honestly, that doesn’t bother me because we typically take in ALL of our cushions when rain is coming.

I know they technically can weather the rain, but I’d rather extend their lifespan by keeping them protected whenever I can. And if I’m being completely honest, taking them into the garage is never a big deal. It takes like 5 extra minutes.

Updated Patio

dark patio for the fall

Couch // Rug // Chairs // Firepit // Side Table // String Lights // Pillows/Blankets (HomeGoods)

We do plan to plant a few new plants in the ground and add a few new things to the patio next year, so I promise to keep you guys updated as these changes unfold. I would even love to build Ben a little playhouse out here… but that may not be for another year or two.

burniing fire pit for the patioAnd I know a lot of you have requested that I share how the plants look after having time to settle in and … grow! This is definitely on my calendar next spring and summer, I haven’t forgotten. Thank you all for following along on our landscaping this year. It’s come a long way and I can’t wait to continue to watch the outside of our home slowly take shape as we work to tweak it over the years.

fall patio with plaid and colorful mums and pumpkinsUntil those projects are here, you can bet we’re sitting on the porch or sitting around that cozy fire planning our next big project.


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