Shopping for a Floor Length Mirror

Last week I shared the progress we’ve been making on the Chicago master bedroom we are making over for my brother and his girlfriend. We are SO happy with the direction of this space so far, but we do have a few more items to add to the room to make it ready for its big reveal.

Remaining To Do List

The dresser is almost done (yay!!) and then all we have left on our to-do list is:

  • Find & Buy a Floor Length Mirror
  • Find, Buy & Hang New Art
  • Accessorize
  • Photograph & Share!

My hope is that we can take you guys along for the last few remaining steps so you can see what items we are considering on our hunt, especially for fellow readers who may also be on the hunt for similar products. Today we are tackling the floor length mirror.  We will do the same thing for the art soon, and then we should be ready for the final reveal soon after that!

Floor Length Mirror Options

We’re still not sure of what finish would work best for the mirror’s frame, so we are looking at all kinds of options in hopes to find the perfect one. Our plan is to put it to the left of the TV, right next to the dresser when it comes. The dresser is going to be a dark gray/navy. Here are some of the options we are considering for the mirror:

Black Wood Framed Mirror

We love the sleek black wood frame around this mirror. We think the hint of black could complement the black bed frame well. Plus, you just can’t go wrong with classic black, right?!

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Black Framed Mirror with Brass Detailing

Here’s another black option. We really like the brass corners on this mirror, especially since they have a brass mirror hanging above their bed. This could be a great way to tie it all together without adding too much brass to the space.

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Natural Wood Mirror

Lately we’ve been loving a bit of natural wood in a space and this mirror from Crate & Barrel is stunning. Because the TV & dark dresser will make the space cooler, this natural wood can warm up that wall a bit. Definitely a contender!

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Warm Wood Framed Mirror

A wood option could also work in this master bedroom. This wood frame could warm up this side of the room and also tie in the warmth from the bench at the foot of the bed and the wood-toned nightstands.

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Oversized Floor Mirror

This option from Pottery Barn is big…and that could work great in this large space! The last thing we want is a puny mirror next to the dresser, so this oversized one could definitely work.

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Slim Black Mirror

This is another great black option and I love how tall it is! With the high ceilings in this space it might look great on that wall.

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Industrial Wood & Black Mirror

This industrial mirror offers the best of both worlds…black metal and some wood. They do have some industrial touches throughout the rest of their condo, so this might help blend in more of that style.

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Brass Framed Floor Mirror

Our plan is to add some hints of brass throughout the room, and we already have some over the bed with our circle mirror. Would it be overkill to have 2 brass mirrors in one space? Perhaps, but this one is pretty gorgeous.

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So what do you guys think, any favorites?! We’re confident any of them can work, but will definitely check in with the homeowners to see what they prefer. Next on our to-do list is finding the perfect art. We’re going to do our research and check back in soon with our final options.


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