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Today’s style post is all about jewelry! We rarely ever chat about our everyday jewelry staples, so we thought today would be a great chance to break down our favorite pieces and overall “strategy” for what jewelry we wear each day.Simple jewelry can pull any outfit together- here are some of our favorite pieces.

I’m sure you guys won’t be surprised to hear that we try to be as intentional as possible when buying these key pieces, so that each item is aligned with our styles and as versatile as possible. We’ve also tried to step up our jewelry game as we are now approaching 30.

Instead of splurging on costume jewelry, we prefer to invest in a few key, quality pieces throughout the year. We avoid costume jewelry that we wear only a few times per year, and instead use those funds to buy classic, quality pieces. Don’t get us wrong it’s not like we are spending an arm and a leg on jewels (no thank you!) but we have splurged on a few quality pieces that have been worth the extra money.

Casey’s Everyday Jewelry

I actually own quite a bit of jewelry, but I find myself reaching for the same pieces over and over again. All of my jewelry stays neat and organized in my mirrored standing jewelry case in our bedroom, and I love that you can see all of the pieces at once right when you open it up. You’d think that would help me wear a diverse array of jewelry, but I wear the same jewelry about 5 days a week and will occasionally throw on other pieces on nights and weekends. Casey shares her favorite every day pieces here.Here are my go-to pieces:

1. WatchA great watch is essential for me, and I wear this one daily. It's modern and classic at the same time.

I wear a watch every single day and on the days that I forget to put it on, I’m constantly looking at my bare wrist for the time. Of course I always have my phone with me and could check that, but there’s just something about wearing a watch to check the time that I love. I suppose it makes me feel grown-up.

I have a two-toned Michele watch that I got for my 21st birthday and absolutely cherish. But lately I’ve been wearing a lot of gold and opt for this watch from Cluse. It was relatively inexpensive and I love the mesh band and large face.

2. RingsCasey's rings- she opts to split her wedding band and engagement ring between both hands instead of wearing different rings on a daily basis.

I have fat fingers…really really fat fingers. Seriously, I wear a size 8.5 in rings. Because of my fatty fingers, I’m not a big ring person. Instead I just wear my engagement ring on my left hand, and my wedding ring on my right hand.

I opted to split up the rings instead of stacking them, and I really love it that way. The only thing I don’t love is when people assume I’m engaged because I don’t have a wedding band next to my engagement ring. But it’s okay by me!

3. EarringsSimple earrings are an every day must have for me- and I haven't stopped wearing these since I got them months ago.

These earrings have been a staple in my wardrobe since I got them late last year. I absolutely adore them! They’re simple enough with the gold and diamonds, but the cuff from behind the ear makes them a little trendy. They do come in 3 separate pieces which can make them a bit trickier to put on than a normal earring. But the extra minute to get them on is well worth it.

4. Cuffed BraceletI don't often wear bracelets, but this simple cuff is my go to a few days a week when I'm in the mood to wear one.

I’m not into wearing too many bracelets, but I do love throwing this gold cuff on a few days a week. Sometimes I wear it next to my watch, sometimes I put it on the other hand. I love how simple and elegant it is and how it jazzes up a plain wrist. I just got this silver and white cuff from Kendra Scott and I occasionally throw that into the mix as well.

5. Necklace A simple, delicate gold necklace is a must have for me. This initial necklace has become a new favorite.

A dainty gold necklace is a must for my everyday jewelry. I had a gold bar necklace that I wore for the past year, but then it broke when we were in Iceland. (We were riding bikes and a bug flew into my jacket, I frantically pulled at my neck to get the bug out and broke the necklace. Wah wah).

Luckily, I found an even better replacement…this initial necklace from Nordstrom. It’s the perfect size and length and I wear it constantly. I also reach for my long Kendra Scott necklace a few times a week. It’s not exactly everyday jewelry, but it’s a high-quality statement piece that I adore.Casey's complete look- a few simple pieces really pull everything together.

Bridget’s Everyday Jewelry Bridget's every day jewelry style is classic and elegant as well.

I actually don’t wear much jewelry but have added a few staples to my rotation in the past year or so. Before then, I was very minimal when it came to these accessories and didn’t give this topic much thought. I actually wore super cheap earrings from 8th grade to my wedding! (shh.. don’t tell anyone)

But since finding a few pieces that are versatile and so me, I’ve come to wear a bit more everyday jewelry… items that are a bit more quality than those 8th grade costume pearls!Bridget doesn't wear a lot of every day jewelry, but a few well placed pieces make all the difference.

When I say “everyday jewelry” I mean it quite literally because I don’t change these pieces up too often. Other than adding a statement necklace, I wear this same rotation of jewelry if I’m dressed casually or getting ready to go to a wedding. That’s probably not the best strategy when it comes to jewelry, but for a newbie like me it works… so I’m sticking with it!

Here are my go-to pieces:

1. Necklace

This delicate necklace is a must have- dainty, elegant and neutral, it matches everything.

I recently got this gold Kendra Scott necklace as a gift and it works with just about anything, which is why I love it so much! I wear it 24/7. Shower, bed, everywhere. The chain is super dainty and the neutral stone color is subtle, which is another reason I Iove this piece. However, if you love color these necklaces come in a lot of different colors. And they come in silver and rose gold so if you’re looking for a different combo, this staple piece may fit the bill.

2. Rings

Bridget opts for her sapphire engagement ring on her left hand, and this simple criss-cross ring on her right hand.

On my left hand, I wear my sapphire wedding ring. It actually acts as my wedding ring and engagement ring since I opted out of ever getting a wedding band. Like I said before, I never really wore too much jewelry so when we got married the engagement ring was plenty!

But over the past 4 years, I’m a lot more used to wearing a ring and have recently added this criss-cross ring to my other hand. I wear this ring almost every day and love that it adds a little something without being too heavy or overpowering! Plus it was $35 at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

3. Watch

A neutral watch is a must have as well- timeless and elegant. I am a big fan of wearing a simple watch, especially since I don’t typically wear any bracelets. This neutral fossil one is almost 5 years old (similar here) and needs to be replaced soon as evidenced by the worn band. My eyes are peeled for a new neutral option, and a black option, so I can switch them up based on my outfit. I’ll keep you updated if I find any contenders.

4. Stud Earrings

Simple stud earrings- nothing too fancy, but just enough to make me feel pulled together.

Last, but not least, are my stud earrings (similar here). They are nothing fancy but still a part of my almost everyday routine (minus the days when my sensitive ears are sore from wearing any earrings). I actually didn’t have my ears pierced until college. For prom, I actually wore clip-ons (ha!) and that was the first time I ever wore earrings. Since then I’ve toughened up but typically stick to simple gold studs with a fake diamond.

My Motto: Keep it Simple

When it comes to my jewelry, I like to keep it simple and understated.

I’m pretty plain when it comes to jewelry so I just try to keep it simple! I’ve found that finding a few pieces that are versatile and “so me” really helped take the hassle out of choosing what to wear each day. Is that how you guys are? Does anyone change it up each day? We’d love to hear your tricks!


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