Our New Neutral Couch in the Living Room

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Last month, Finn and I took you on our little adventure shopping for our new couch. It was so much fun to take you guys along for the ride and give you some insight into the exact couch we wanted for our new home. In the end, we landed on the Lounge II Petite sofa from Crate and Barrel in the fabric “Winward Sand.”

Our Neutral Couch

Our neutral couch in the living room

Couch // Olive Tree // Storage Ottoman // Sheepskin Throw // Plant Basket // Floor Lamp // Jade Plant // White Vase // Wood Bowl // Glass Hurricane // Candle // Coffee Table

Well, our custom couch arrived last month and we are officially in l-o-v-e. It was the first piece of furniture to arrive for our living room and it really made the space. The moment it came, Finn and I hopped on and instantly knew we made the right choice going with this neutral couch.Our neutral couch from Crate and Barrel

If you guys remember this post from July, I played around with some various living room layouts. Because of the configuration of the room, the couch was always going to be placed in the middle of the room, facing the long wall with the TV. I was a little worried about walking right into our house and seeing the back of the couch (plus, there was no room for a console behind it.). The back of the couch

Luckily, the back of this couch is really beautiful. There’s nothing bad to hide back here!

The Durable Fabric

A neutral couch with linen looking fabric

We chose the color “Winward Sand” because I wanted a warm, yet light color as a base for the room. That way, I could bring in pops of color with the rug and pillows).

Our couch from Crate and Barrel

We specifically went with this fabric because it’s incredibly durable. It’s kid-friendly, pet-friendly, and stain-resistant. Linen looking couch fabric that is durable

Plus, it has a linen-look which gives me the modern organic vibes I want for the style of this home.Reading on our cozy sofa from Crate and Barrel

So far we’ve been having movie nights here on the couch and it still looks as good as the day it arrived. I’m really pleased with our fabric choice (there were hundreds to choose from!), and I think we chose the best one for our family!

Rolling Ottoman

Rolling storage ottoman

I ended up ordering an ottoman to go with the couch because I sometimes like to lounge all the way out when watching a movie. The Lounge II Petite sofa is plenty long for both Finn and me, but he likes to lay across the couch, whereas I like to lay towards the TV (if that makes any sense to you!). On nights where we’re really getting cozy, we roll this ottoman on over to the couch so I can have a little makeshift chaise. I highly recommend this to you if you don’t have the room for a sectional or chaise lounge 24/7.

Storage ottoman

Most of the time, we keep the ottoman tucked under the window by the front closet with this sheepskin throw on top. It’s a good spot to sit and put your shoes on before heading out the door. Oh, and I did I mention that it’s a storage ottoman? We keep extra blankets and pillows tucked into the ottoman for nights when we really want to cozy it up!

Faux Olive Tree

Faux olive tree from Crate and Barrel

When ordering the couch, I also added a few more items from Crate and Barrel to my shopping cart. I figured I might as well get some new pretty pieces to really make the living room a special place! I’ve lusted after this faux olive tree for quite some time now, and I’m so happy that I finally took the plunge and ordered it.

Faux olive tree

It’s tall, full, and looks incredibly real! It adds some height and greenery to the space, making the room feel more alive. Blanket in a basket for faux olive tree

I ended up placing it in this basket and I just put a throw blanket on top to cover the base inside the basket. Using a blanket this way is a good trick to cover the base so people can’t see that it’s not real dirt down there.

Floor Lamp

Leather chair and floor lamp

Another piece that I’ve wanted for quite some time (man, having this new house is crossing off so many wishlist items for me!) is this floor lamp. It’s made of antiqued brass and black iron and has the coolest shape. I love the unique look of this piece and knew it would look great next to our leather armchair. We even put it on a timer, so at night it pops on automatically, adding the perfect ambient light to our living room.

More Pretty Accessories

Faux jade plant

Another faux plant in this room is this jade plant. It’s in a concrete pot and everyone who walks in the door thinks it’s real. And did you know that jade plants are known as lucky plants? They’re often given as housewarming gifts because they bring good fortune to their owners. Ummm…I’ll take one for every room in the house, please!

We already owned our Crate and Barrel coffee table and luckily it works beautifully with our new pieces and the neutral couch. On the table, I have this creamy white vase filled with faux eucalyptus leaves. Wood bowl full of polaroid pictures
To bring in some warmth, I added this oval wood bowl to the top of the table. It holds polaroid pictures that we’ve taken over the last few years. I can just picture this wood bowl full of pretty ornaments during the holidays.Hurricane and candle

Over on the dining table, I have this citrus candle and glass hurricane. I’ve gotten in the habit of lighting this candle every evening (when the lamp turns on!) to wind down for the day. The bottom of the hurricane is actually a mirror, so the flickering flame creates the most beautiful light in this room.

Before & After

Living room at kenneth before renovationLiving room after

Kenneth living room before
Front window in living room after renovation
Before photos of our finn Fixer upper
Living room after renovation
Kenneth living room before

Right now, this room is by far my favorite in the new house. I’ve been really intentional with my purchases for this space and I’m only bringing in items that make me happy and go with our modern organic vibes.

Living room after

Couch // Olive Tree // Storage Ottoman // Sheepskin Throw // Plant Basket // Floor Lamp // Jade Plant // White Vase // Wood Bowl // Glass Hurricane // Candle // Coffee Table

Finn and I have loved spending time in here and I know we’re going to enjoy this neutral couch for years and years to come.Enjoying our neutral couch in the living room

We still have more tweaks to make in this room (gotta hang some art on the walls and add curtains on the rod I installed!), but we are slowly creating the living room of our dreams! I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated as we finish up this space.


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