Checking In On My 2020 Home Goals

2020 has been quite a strange year, hasn’t it? When I wrote this post back in January about my 2020 home goals, I certainly didn’t know what was in store for the first half of the year. I mean, who could have anticipated that we’d be spending soooo much time at home due to a global pandemic?!! Craziness.Finn and Rory

But I will say, all of this time at home has actually been GREAT for my 2020 home goals list. In fact, I’m super proud of where things stand and all that we’ve already accomplished around here. Today, I thought it would be fun to touch base on what we’ve crossed off our list, what’s left to do, and the items we’re taking off our to-do list.

2020 Home Goals – The Master List

Here’s the list I created at the beginning of this year. Everything that is in bold has been accomplished. Woo hoo!

Our New Home OfficeSpending time at home during COVID-19

A big chunk of this list was about our home office setup. Little did I know that that husband of mine would be working from home in our new setup, but we are both so grateful that we finished this space when we did. From the DIY built-ins, to the wall mural, and all of the amazing furniture…it really came together nicely.Brass chandelier in the office

The only thing that we didn’t accomplish in here is the closet. We had big plans to install a closet system but we wanted to test out the office first before adding something willy nilly. I’m not sure if we’ll tackle that this year. As of now, we still have plenty of room in the built-ins and I want to have a thorough plan for what we’ll store in the closet before we design anything. It will happen, but I’m not totally sure when.

Rory’s NurseryWindow bench seat in a nursery

Now, this is a project where we accomplished everything on our list! I suppose having the ultimate deadline of a baby really puts your butt into gear! We hired out the built-ins and they turned out amazing. Everything else we did ourselves (like the wallpapered closet, the closet system, and the chair rail). You can see the full reveal here and find all of the sources over in this blog post. I’m actually planning a nursery update post for next week where I’ll show you what it looks like now. We’ve changed a few things now that she is here and we use it 24/7, so I thought it might be helpful to share. Oh, and we finally have our window treatments!! So I’ll have more scoop on those next week.

2020 Home Goals –  What’s Left?Adding new landscaping to the front of our house

Here are the items we’re still planning to tackle from our list.

  • Build New Front Window Box
  • Start Planning Full Kitchen Remodel

Next week, I’m planning to share the new front window box we recently built. It turned out awesome and was actually a pretty easy DIY project. It will be nice to cross that off our list!The before of our kitchen

As for the kitchen, planning is underway and I’m giddy with excitement. I’m working with the designer Claire from Centered by Design and we have blueprints all done and ready to go. She helped me create a brand new layout that maximizes the space and works well for our family. I also already had my favorite contractor come to check out the space and price things out for me. The plan is to start demo in September, so I’d definitely say things are moving!Our leather kitchen stools

Starting in August, I’ll begin sharing kitchen content here on the blog. I’m eager for you to see the plans and offer your input on every inch of the kitchen. My guess is my fall content will mostly be kitchen related, so get ready for that!

Tasks We’re Postponing

  • Install Shelves & Organizers in Office Closet
  • Add Landscaping to Exterior & Backyard
  • Add Storage Units to Garage

New white fenceAs I mentioned a few minutes ago, we’re holding off on the office closet for now until we know exactly what we want to store in there. Then, I think we’ll focus on the exterior of our home in 2021 (although we did to a bit of new landscaping this spring). We want to remove our deck (I talked about that in this blog post), so we’re going to wait until we do that to do new landscaping in our backyard (we need some trees back there for more shade!). Enjoying our new clean garage

I know Finn wanted to really work on the garage this summer, but I think we’re prioritizing time with our sweet Rory girl over that. Add it to the 2021 list instead!

How Are Your Home Goals?Bring it on 2020

I know some of you mentioned your own home goals in the comments of this blog post from January. How are they going? Have you crossed some off your list? Or did the pandemic derail your plans? No matter what, there’s still half of a year left to give your home a little love. I hope you’ll take a look at that list and reprioritize what’s most important to you and your family when it comes to your home.


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