Checking In On My 2022 Home Goals

At the beginning of the year, I wrote this blog post outlining all of my home goals for 2022. I love doing this because it keeps me accountable and gives you a glimpse into the content that you might see around here for the year ahead.

My 2022 home goals

We’ve made a good start on our home goals for 2022 and I’m excited to keep the momentum going for the remainder of the year. I’ve never actually had a year where we’ve completed everything on the list, which shows me that it’s good to be a little ambitious.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve crossed off our list, what’s left to do, and the items that we’ll be postponing until next year.

2022 Home Improvement Tasks – The Master List

  • Renovate Kids’ BathroomDONE
  • Renovate Main BathroomDONE
  • Personalize the Backyard – IN PROGRESS
  • Organize Garage – COMING SOON
  • Landscape Front & Side Yard – IN PROGRESS
  • Create a Hallway Gallery Wall – COMING SOON
  • Makeover Basement for Playroom – COMING SOON & POSTPONE A BIT

Renovate The Kids’ Bathroom & The Main Bathroom

The kids bathroom reveal

The first half of the year was all about the bathrooms. We simultaneously renovated our kids’ and main bathroom spaces and they turned out great. The spaces are totally different and I love both so much.

Our new built in linen cabinet in the bathroom

It took a bit longer to finish up our main bathroom (I just revealed it a few weeks ago) because I was waiting on our DIY linen cabinet. It turned out great and now I’m calling both of those rooms complete.

Personalize The Backyard

Our outdoor dining table

When I wrote my 2022 home goals post, I had big plans to spruce up our backyard even more. The first order of business is to seal the pavers. The landscapers just used sand in between the paver blocks and it has all come out over the course of a year. Our plan is to use this polymeric sand in between the cracks for a stronger bond. I purchased the materials, and we’re planning to tackle it in the coming weeks.

2022 home improvement ideas

While we did have visions of adding more planter boxes back here, that’s on hold. Instead, we want to get the pavers looking good and just clean up the landscaping a bit. We did add this storage box behind our couch to hold all of our furniture covers and I recently DIY’ed this tabletop fire bowl. These little additions have made a big difference back here.

Organize Garage

2022 home improvement projects - organize the garage

This hasn’t happened yet. In fact, I feel like we have a whole lot of organizing that needs to happen in our house. The good thing is that we have so much storage around our house. But I sometimes feel like when you have a lot of places to store stuff, and you don’t think it through properly, you have random stuff all over the house. That’s us right now. We have some tools in the garage, some in the basement, towels in the hall closet, and towels in the bathroom. Finn and I have vowed to sit down and make a gameplan for where everything should go.

The garage is definitely on our list to get organized. It needs a good scrub and purge. I’m not totally sure when that will happen, but I’m guessing this month or next. Stay tuned!

Landscape Front & Side Yard

Our new side yard

A couple of weeks back, I shared our new side yard. Doesn’t it look so much better?! I’m officially crossing that task off of our 2022 home goals list.

Our front landscaping

On my home goals list, I also had the task of sprucing up the front landscaping. This summer, we decided to hire out our weekly mowing and lawn maintenance. Taking that task off of Finn’s weekend chores has made a huge difference for us and it’s worth every penny. It’s kinda like I said in this post about balancing parenthood with life – hire out when possible! We had our new lawn care team mulch the front beds in the spring and they look so much better!

While our landscaping under our front window looks great, the landscaping in front of our fence has seen better days. These are ivory halo dogwood bushes, and the berry tree on our neighbor’s property has prevented the far left and middle bushes from thriving, while staining our sidewalk and leaving purple berries all over the place. Ugh!. I’m not sure what would work better here, but we want to figure out new plants that will thrive here.

Hallway Gallery Wall

Our hallway

Another task that I keep pushing off and off is to spruce up our hallway. I’m eager to add a large floor-to-ceiling gallery wall in our hallway on the walk to our bedroom. This is happening in the coming months, I promise!

Basement Playroom

Our basement before

Finally, our next big project will be the basement! As you saw in my three-year home anniversary blog post, the first and second floors of our home are complete! That means that the basement is up next. We did get new windows down here, but that’s the only work that has been done.

Honestly, I haven’t even started thinking about a design plan for down here. I think the majority of the fall will be spent tackling the bones of this space…new carpet, paint, trim, doors, etc. Then, we’ll probably push the actual design and decorating to early 2023, so you’ll have to hold tight on this big project!

How Are Your Home Goals?

Our main bathroom renovation reveal

How are you doing with your 2022 home goals? I’m usually pretty motivated during the cold winter months, but come summer, I just want to spend our weekends outside playing with the kids! We’ll see if that motivation comes back for some good fall projects around here.


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