The Reveal of Our Baby Girl’s Nursery

Note from Casey: Hey friends, so I had all of these posts written in advance thinking I wouldn’t have our baby for another week. But as you saw from this blog post, our daughter Rory has arrived! So know that today’s blog post was written before baby!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Crate and Kids.

It’s the day I’ve been looking forward to since the day we announced we were expecting…it’s finally time to reveal our baby girl’s nursery! This has been the most special room to work on and Finn and I have thoroughly enjoyed every step of prepping this space for our daughter. The crazy thing is I found out I was pregnant the week we moved into our home, so I’ve always walked into this space and envisioned it as a nursery. And I’ve gotta say, I think it turned into a pretty fabulous one.

Designing Our Baby Girl’s Nursery – VideoNursery source list

I decided to document the process of working on this room in a video because sometimes spaces feel more “real” when you can see them through video instead of pictures. In the video, I break down my thought process of designing our baby girl’s nursery and how I incorporated old, new, DIY, personal items, and more. I think layering in all of these elements is what makes it really special and unique.Our baby girl's nursery

All of the furniture is from Crate and Kids and I know these classic pieces will grow with our daughter. Plus, the quality can’t be beat so I’m certain they’ll stay in good shape even with a little one roaming around!

You can watch the video above or view it over on Youtube right here.

My Favorite Parts

  • 1:00 Finn has a lightbulb moment!
  • 1:35 He really did pick out the crib and now it’s his favorite piece of furniture…ever.
  • 2:55 Don’t worry. We don’t have an Aunt Katie.
  • 3:16 Itty bitty baby clothes are just the cutest.
  • 3:41 Is it is a duck? Is it a bird?
  • 4:09 Worth the wait indeed!

Nursery Reveal

Okay, now let’s move onto the space and talk about every little cozy corner in this room.Our baby girl's nursery revealWhite crib with brass legsWindow bench seat in a nursery

If you remember from this post, my overall goal was to make this room feel sophisticated, traditional, cozy, and functional. I’m happy to report that I think we nailed all of those adjectives with this space.

The Crib AreaWhite and brass crib from Crate and kids

I originally thought I would place the crib on the other wall (where the dresser is) and when the furniture arrived Finn and I played around with lots of layouts. He was all for placing the crib where it is now and once I saw it there, I was on board! I like that we’ll be able to peek our head in the door and look into the crib to see if she is awake. Plus, in the wintertime, it will be nice having her on an inside wall that doesn’t get as cold.White and brass crib from Crate and Kids

The white crib with brass legs from Crate and Kids is even more stunning in person. I like that it’s neutral and the white really pops against the sage green walls. Plus, the brass legs work with the other brass elements in the room. We also got this mattress and a waterproof mattress pad (so many of you said it’s a must for accidents and we listened). I also went ahead and purchased the toddler rail with the crib so we’ll be all ready to make this a “big girl bed” someday!Blush quilt for nurseryPretty pillows in a nursery

Bedding for baby girl's nursery cribFor the bedding, I went with this linen crib skirt and I kinda want it for our bed! It’s the perfect taupey color and it adds so much texture to the crib area. I picked up a few pairs of sheets but ended up displaying a gray and white one first. baby girl's nurseryI know you’re not supposed to have anything in the crib when the baby is sleeping, so we will obviously remove the pillows and the blush quilt (similar) when baby girl sleeps in here! Don’t worry! It’s kinda like “making the bed”…you don’t sleep with all of the throw pillows and blankets when you sleep. This is my own version of making her little crib.

The Dresser AreaOak dresser from Crate and Barrel

Yes, this dresser is from Crate and Kids but I would use it in any room in the house…it’s that stylish. The light wood, the brass pulls, and the large drawers are all amazing. I especially like the top row of small drawers. As you saw from last week’s organization post, we ended up filling these with diapers, wipes, and other goodies we’ll need to have on hand during diaper changings.Changing pad on dresser

The dresser also comes with a safety strap, so even though we won’t have a crawler or walker for a while, it’s already secured to the wall. I love that it’s sold with safety in mind. Same goes for the changing table topper. We got this changing topper and drilled it to the back of the dresser (it comes with all of the hardware). I then added this changing pad and it’s good to go. Again, we ended up getting lots of different changing sheets for the pad (like this cute one with hearts) so we’re all set for accidents. When she is out of diapers we can just unscrew the topper and this turns into a dresser that can grow with her for years!touch on and off lamp

If you remember from this design planning post, I had my eye on this sage green lamp. Well, I ordered it, not realizing that our walls were going to be sage. Ha! I loved the lamp and didn’t want to return it, so Finn spray painted it blush (using this chalk spray paint) and it now pops against the sage green walls. It’s also a touch lamp, which will make middle-of-the-night diaper changes much easier!Watercolor painting from my great-grandmother

Above the dresser, I have a watercolor that my great-grandmother painted. She was a remarkable woman and I love that we have a piece of her in this space. I had it custom framed and used acrylic, instead of glass, to be extra safe. I also used these tips to hang it so it’s extra secure for a nursery.

The GliderComfortable glider for baby girl's nursery

Every mom I chatted with about the nursery said it’s a must to have a cozy glider with arms. This glider swivels, leans back, and is just about the comfiest spot to sit. Sitting in the rocking chairI’ve spent many days sitting in this beautiful chair,  just looking around the room, imagining what life will soon be like (in fact, I’m sitting in it as I write this post!). The fabric is supposed to be really easy to clean (just like our couch), so I’m hopeful we can get any baby spit up out of it! Not only is it functional, but it’s super stylish too. The wingback style goes with the traditional vibes I wanted for this space.Velvet pouf

I originally wanted this ottoman to go with it, but it ended up selling out. For now, I have this blush velvet pouf (similar) and it’s a good spot to prop up my feet. Marble side tableRight next to the glider, I have this marble table that is actually from Crate and Barrel (not Crate and Kids). Just because it’s a nursery doesn’t mean every item needs to come from the baby section! This will be a good spot to put my phone, a glass of water, and other items I’ll need when spending hours rocking away.

The Built-InsThe nursery built-ins

Styling these built-ins was such a joy for me. These bring so much color, life, and storage (!!!) to the room and I’m thrilled we added them in here. As I mentioned last week, a lot of the drawers and cabinets are empty right now, which I really appreciate because I’m sure they’ll be full in no time.Lots of children's books for baby girl's nursery

On the shelves, I did my best to mix old, new, personal items, and more. I first started with all of her books…and boy, does she have a lot of them! For our baby shower, we ended up having every guest bring a book instead of a card and they wrote a personal message on the inside cover. Because of this, she now has the best library!

There are lots of sentimental items on these shelves and I can’t wait to tell our daughter the history of each and every one. I added a plate and a teacup painted by my great-grandmother (the woman was so artistic and I have pieces all over our home) to the built-ins.

Finn actually had a few books and toys from his childhood (that duck with the bowtie was his!) and we added his favorite ones to the shelves. I also put my baby book on here along with the one we have for her.Accessorizing in a nurseryStitch of our family

The sweetest reader made this stitch of our little family. It features us and the baby, plus a blue heart for the son we lost last year. I just about lost it when I opened the package. It was so thoughtful and sweet.Announcing baby Finn wood blockHow to style bookshelves in a nurseryStacking rings from crate and barrel

I placed a few baskets on the shelves and filled them with toys. One has these wooden blocks and the other holds stuffed animals. I also have these wooden stacking rings on there. It’s okay to style with toys! It’s a child’s room, after all.How to decorate shelves in a nursery

I spent the last few weeks tweaking these shelves over and over and I’m so pleased with how they turned out. It’s wonderful to have a spot to display pretty items that mean so much to our family.

The Turkish RugPink Turkish rug in our baby girl's nursery

While a lot of the pieces in this room are new, it was important for me to bring in a few vintage touches. I think that’s what gives a room life and character and makes it your own. The Turkish rug (from this Etsy shop) is absolutely stunning. I couldn’t have chosen a better one for this room. It has sage, blush, and even a few spots of hot pink in it. Even though it’s 50-years-old it is in phenomenal shape and I’m confident it will last another 50 years. I’m also not worried about spills at all as this bad boy will hide anything and should clean up easily.

The ClosetOur organized nursery closet from Lowe's

If you missed the closet organization post from last week, you can find all of the details here! But I just had to include another shot of this sweet space (including that bow hook on the door!).

Baby Girl’s Nursery – SourcesWhite and brass cribSources for a nursery

Here are sources for the items from Crate and Kids in the room.

Paint Color: Valspar “Warm Fog” (top) Custom Sage Color (below) // Crib // Crib Skirt // Blush Quilt (similar) // Organic Mattress Pad // Crib Mattress //  Wood Dresser // Changing Topper // Changing Pad // Changing Pad Cover // Lamp // Side Table // Glider // Velvet Pouf (similar) // Wood Stacking Toy // Wood Blocks // Bow Hook

Tomorrow’s PostWooden blocks as decor in a baby girl's nursery

This post is getting really long, so I better wrap it up. Tomorrow, I’m planning to do one more nursery post showcasing the evolution of this room. I will include all of the before photos and after pics, links to every DIY project in this space, and a source list for every little item in this nursery. If a source wasn’t answered above, you’ll find it tomorrow! I find that I get so many source questions, that it’s easier if I have an entire post dedicated to just that.Our baby girl's nursery reveal

Oh, and I’ll chat about the one thing we’re still waiting on in this room – window treatments were delayed a bit due to coronavirus. Plus, I really just want to share a bit more from the heart about the evolution of this room and how thrilled I am to bring our baby girl home to this cozy space. Look for that tomorrow…


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