Behind the Scenes of our Fall Makeover with Lowe’s

First of all….let us say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of the kind words about our reveal of April & Mike’s new master bedroom space. We are seriously overwhelmed by all the love and support! lowes-makeover-bedroom-revealWe knew that we loved the space, and that the homeowners loved the space, but it was so wonderful to hear that you guys loved it too!

lowes_makeover_paint_progress-8Because yesterday’s post was such a long post already, we decided to go into more details today as to how the heck the room came together in such a short amount of time. So consider this to be a behind-the-scenes look of sorts. (Also, sorry for the lack of pictures. Because we were busy every single minute of makeover day, we didn’t have much time to snap away!)volunteers-lowes-makeover-progresslowes_makeover_paint_progress-6

Let’s start about a week out from the big makeover day. Because we wanted to maximize our time with all of our volunteers, we decided that the room needed to be painted and dry long before Saturday. So we gave Mike & April the task of painting the walls in the gorgeous gray hue of Valspar’s “Filtered Shade.”

lowes_makeover_paint_progress-3They did an amazing job, but there was still painting to be done. Bridget’s dad painted ALL of the trim in the room to white during the weeknights leading up to the big makeover day (we owe him big time!). While he did that, we prepped the home for the makeover, primed the lattice for the closet doors, and prepped/stained the plywood for the fauxdenza. Lots of things to get done before our official makeover day!

lowes_makeover_paint_progress-16Fast forward to last Saturday. We were so lucky to have 6 AMAZING LOWE’S VOLUNTEERS dedicate their Saturday to help us get this space done. Knowing we had to change 7 electrical outlets, as well as a ceiling fan, we requested that one of the volunteers be skilled in electrical work. Lucky for us, Lowe’s provided us with an electrician who was able to zip through all of those electrical projects in less than 2 hours. Yes!!!!


lowes_makeover_paint_progress-19While the electrical work was happening inside the room, the closet doors were being built-in the garage. Bridget’s brother-in-law was the team lead on that project, and 2 Lowe’s volunteers helped him with this time-consuming DIY project.

lowes_makeover_paint_progress-12volunteers-lowes-makeover-progress-3volunteers-lowes-makeover-progress-2Our husbands (& more Lowe’s volunteers!) helped put all of the furniture together, our moms ironed and hemmed curtains, and even more family & friends helped us with small projects that needed to be done for this space (puttying, sanding, breaking down boxes, cleaning up, picking up lunch, etc.)volunteers-lowes-makeover-progress-4

diy-playbook-lowes-makeover-progress-baby-owenLet’s just say it was a team effort and there is no way we could have done it without our hardworking group. Even Bridget’s godson Owen got in on the DIY action. <— start ’em young, right?!

volunteers-lowes-makeover-progress-5We fueled our day with coffee, donuts, and sandwiches and it kept our team go, go, going all day long! We also had a few “meetings” throughout the day to track the day’s progress and check-in on our schedules, to-do lists, and any issues that popped up along the way. Our motto on projects like this? You can never be too organized or communicate enough so we tried really hard to keep everyone on the same page… while having fun!

lowes-makeover-bedroom-reveal-bed-nightstand-verticalAnd although we wish we had A TON more photos to share every single detail of this BUSY day, we are happy that we got a TON of video footage of the project. We’re so excited to share a full video all about April and Mike, the process we took to get this space prepped, & the actual makeover day. We can’t wait to show you that in the next few weeks!

In the meantime, we must thank the talented team of Lowe’s volunteers and our amazing family and friends for taking their Saturday to help us out on this super special project. We could not have done ANY of this without their support and we are so grateful for all that they do for us.

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