Attractive Household Items To Elevate Your Home

I’m back with another reader-requested blog post. I have to say that you guys come up with the BEST post ideas. The last one you recommended (this blog post on my thought process when shopping for a piece for my home) was so well-received, so I’m hopeful that you’ll like this one too.

Here’s what the reader requested…

“I’d love to see a post about everyday items that aren’t usually cute, but I want them to be (think plunger or toilet scrubber, soap/sponge caddies, utensils, bathroom counter supplies, etc). I see them constantly and it’s easiest to have them out, but I hate looking at them and they ruin the aesthetic I worked hard on.”

Attractive Household Items I Own

Attractive household items

Attractive household items…yes, that I can do! I love the idea of making sure that every item brought into your home is purchased with intention. Just because something is practical, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Gone are the days when you have to settle for an ugly soap dispenser. You can now have good-looking AND functional pieces.

First, let me show you some items that I have around my own house, and then we can discuss other cute products, many of which I want to buy immediately!

Soap Dispensers

The new soap dispensers in our kitchen

Soap. It’s something that everyone has in their house in multiple locations…bathrooms and the kitchen. Instead of just opting to display the ugly plastic bottle that the soap comes in, I always buy soap dispensers that I like. The same goes for dish soap. These are the ones I have in our kitchen, along with this cute scrub brush. I place them all in a tray (from HomeGoods) so they look neat and together. I then just buy large replacement bags of soap to refill them when they get low.

Attractive household items
Taupe tile in the shower

The shower is another good spot to use cute containers. In my mom’s guest bathroom she has these bottles and in her main bathroom, she has these. It makes her shower look less cluttered and more put together!

I recently got these large plastic containers for our first-floor shower and I used my label maker to create custom labels for them. I like that they’re plastic, because I get a little worried about having glass in the shower, and they’re attractive.

Blanket Basket

Finn and I love cozying up on the couch with blankets – at least one for each of us. I keep one blanket on our couch and then stash a few more in the lidded basket near our leather chair. I like that it has a lid because you can’t see what’s stored inside. I found this one at HomeGoods, but this basket is another great option!

Wall Calendar

How to make a diy acrylic dry erase board

Some families live by their large whiteboards and family calendars. You can make yours look a little nicer with my DIY acrylic board tutorial. I’ll be honest, I don’t use mine as often as I thought I would, because I’m more of a digital gal, but it sure does look good in my office.

Toilet Paper Holder

Adding wood shelves to a bathroom

It’s a must for bathrooms to have an extra roll of toilet paper nearby. I’ve had this container from Crate and Barrel for years and the large size perfectly fits an extra roll of toilet paper. It looks like they don’t sell it anymore, but this one looks almost exactly the same. I love it styled on a shelf and you would never know that there’s toilet paper inside!

Trash Cans

Adding wood shelves over a toilet

Don’t settle for a cheap plastic trash can. I’m a big fan of textured wastebaskets and really like this one because it has a lid. That means I don’t have to look at the yucky garbage and it keeps my kids’ hands out of the trash. I have these all over our home!

Matches & Lighter

Cute accessories in the bathroom
Candle and matches

Finally, I like keeping matches in the bathrooms (just in case you need to remove any odors…). The match striker in the top photo is stylish and functional and this cute match jar of “fancy matches” is pretty adorable.

I also just picked up this electronic lighter that I charge and then use. It’s awesome! I don’t keep it out to display, but I sure do enjoy using it!

Round-Up of Attractive Household Items

Wow, making this round-up of attractive household items made me want to buy all the things! I’ve heard really great things about the weighted phone charger (ummmm, genius!) and I love that cute medicine box. (I might have to scoop that up for the kids’ bathroom makeover.)

attractive household items

Dust Pan // Glass Bathroom Canisters // Toilet Brush // Soap Dispenser with Sink Caddy // Dog Treat Canister // Wireless Charging Station // Blue Tissue Box Holder // Medicine Box // Marble Utensil Holder // Leather Tissue Box Holder // Black Plunger // Laundry Hamper // Weighted Phone Charger // Wall Calendar

Let’s Make Our Homes a Bit More Stylish!

Now, my homework for you. Take a walk around your home and scope out a few functional items that are not bringing you joy or contributing to your home’s aesthetic. If you find an attractive replacement, I promise it will make you smile every time you use it, even if it’s just for cleaning the toilets. Ha!


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