Happy Camper Nursery Source List

Wow, thank you ALL so much for your kind words and excitement about the nursery… we are totally feeling the LOVE and can’t wait to meet this little one! So far I don’t have any updates on baby Smith’s arrival (9 days to go!), but I will keep you guys updated. =) In the meantime, let’s dive into the details of this special space.

gender_neutral_nursery_happy_camper_revealThis was my first time ever being exposed to pretty much any and all things baby and wow… did I learn a lot! From what is needed for a space like this, to where to shop, to how much things in this baby world cost, I’m so grateful my older sister is navigating this foreign territory before me so I can LEARN from her. Heck the baby isn’t even here yet and I’ve learned a ton, I can’t even imagine what I’m in for once the baby arrives.

But before all that (baby steps people), here’s a source list and answers to the questions you guys asked. If I missed anything please let me know and I’ll add it in.



  • Turquoise Pillow: HomeGoods <– a lot of the pillows were recycled from my house… ones that I don’t use anymore to save some money
  • Geometric Pillow: HomeGoods
  • Baby Bear: HomeGoods Clearance ($2!)
  • Bow tie: It’s an actual toddler bow tie & I found at HomeGoods (for $1!)
  • Fox: HomeGoods (similar one here)
  • Crib Sheets: Pottery Barn Clearance <— note: these sheets are still available but when we ordered them they ended up taking almost 2 months LONGER to ship than PB originally told us. So if you have a hard deadline (as in the baby’s arrival), please take that into consideration when ordering. But I did learn that you need a few sheets for the baby (Katie has an extra pair with a different design under the current pair) so maybe getting these $13 “back-up” sheets could be worth the wait.


  • DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves: We DIY’ed these shelves and they were surprisingly a lot easier than I anticipated! You can read the full tutorial here. If you do use them in a nursery, make sure you baby proof them (steps in the tutorial) AND make sure you go to Menard’s to get the galvanized material because you’ll save quite a bit of money.

Top Shelf – From Left to Right

  • Basket: Target
  • Blocks: Amazon
  • Books: HomeGoods + half priced books
  • Vases: West Elm Clearance <– I LOVED these vases because they have little faces on them. If you look closely there are three faces, which I thought was a fun touch for this soon-to-be family of 3. (Plus I needed to alternate heights on these shelves & these quirky vases totally fit the bill without breaking the bank).

Bottom Shelf from Left to Right

  • Hiking Boots: Kohl’s <– I couldn’t find the exact ones to link. I bought the hiking booties at Kohl’s and they were Carter’s brand
  • Happy Camper Print: Minted <– Comes in a variety of colors!
  • Square Frame/Shadow Box: IKEA
  • LED Lantern (turned night light!): Target <– currently on sale, also comes in a variety of colors.
  • Books: HomeGoods + Half Priced Books
  • Succulent: HomeGoods


  • 5 x 8 Rug: Land of Nod Outlet
  • Leather Pouf: Land of Nod Outlet <– comes in SO many colors and is cute to use around the house… even if you don’t have a nursery!
  • Fur: Gift to Katie (similar ones available at IKEA)


  • Glider: Delta Children (available at Target, Amazon) <– we chose this exact glider because the reviews showed that it was VERY comfortable, the size was not bulky but instead petite enough for this space without being too small to get comfortable, and the variety of colors fit the “look” we were going for. Function + fashion = winning combo!
  • Turquoise Pillow: HomeGoods
  • IKAT Pillow: Goodwill <– New with tags for $2!

gender_neutral_nursery_happy_camper_reveal-9Prints from top left (with sizes included) 

Rookie Tip: Learned how we made this gallery wall baby proof in this post.


  • Raccoon: Kohl’s <– currently on sale
  • Moose: Souvenir from our trip to Alaska
  • Burt’s Bees Changing Pad Cover: Target 


  • Toolbox: HomeGoods
  • Lotion + Little Cup Holder: HomeGoods


  • Dresser: Land of Nod Outlet <– we found it on super sale there AND got an additional 30% off.
  • Attaching the changing table to the dresser: Someone asked how we secured the changing pad — great question!! I should have gotten a picture of the set-up but totally forgot. First it’s important to secure the dresser to the wall using the hardware that came with it to do that. Taking this step is super important in order to make sure the dresser is secure and will NEVER fall forward injuring the child when he or she gets older. After the dresser is secured to the wall, you can use the hardware and straps that comes with the changing pad to secure the pad to the back of the dresser. Once it is all secured, the changing pad should NOT be going anywhere. We also cut a piece of rug pad (ya know that stuff that goes under rugs so they don’t slip & slide), and laid that under the changing pad for even more security. Not that this simple rug pad will totally keep it from sliding when a toddler is climbing all over it, but it does keep it in place pretty well. After everything is secure, you can slip on the changing pad cover and shouldn’t really see any of those “safety steps”. <— I know that’s a lot to take in without a picture, does it that make sense?!
  • Horn Hook: HomeGoods
  • “I Love Mommy” Onesie: Carter’s
  • Basket: Target Clearance
  • Plaid Blanket: HomeGoods
  • Navy Striped Pillow: HomeGoods


Now before we officially close the chapter on this happy camper nursery, I’d love to hear from our fellow moms reading today’s post. What is the BIGGEST and best piece of advice that you could give Katie as she gets ready to dive headfirst into this crazy motherhood journey?!


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