What Are Your Main Bathroom Must-Haves?

When planning our big bathroom renovations, I thought long and hard about how I wanted each space to look, feel, and function. For the kids’ bathroom, it was pretty easy. I just wanted to replace the old tiles, vanity, and tub so the room was more functional and add a bit of storage. Done and done.

Adding a chandelier over the bathtub
My Mom’s Main Bathroom

But our bathroom was a bit different. For it, I wanted to figure out a new layout that would work well for us and give us a few more luxurious features to enjoy! Even though I had a good idea of what I wanted, I didn’t want to overlook any main bathroom features that might be smart additions to our space. So I reached out to my Instagram community and asked which main bathroom must-haves you’d like in your dream bathroom, or the features you already have and love!

Main Bathroom Features You Love…That I’m Adding

Main bathroom features to add to your home

Okay, let’s dive into this long list of your suggested main bathroom features which I’ll be using in our new space. Before, our bathroom was not exactly the picture of luxury, so each of these will completely elevate the space.

  • Heated Floor: This will be our first time with a heated floor and I’m very excited about it. It was an additional $1,000 to add this feature, but worth it for us.
  • Large Shower: I’ll be sharing more details about the new layout on Wednesday, but our old teeny shower will be gone and we will have a much larger one.
  • Intentional Outlet Placements: I’m all about this one. It’s possible to add outlets to drawers for hair dryers, outlets to medicine cabinets for electric toothbrushes, and more. Just really think through your daily routine as you plan it out.
  • Linen Storage: We are adding a huuuuge linen closet to the room. (Honestly, it might even be too big?!) This will also act as additional storage for our toiletries.
  • Lights on Dimmers: We’ll have sconces over the vanity and these will definitely be on dimmers.
  • Bench in Shower: Our new large shower will have a bench and I’m excited about it. It should be a good spot to place my foot when shaving!
  • Vanity with Drawers: I prefer drawer storage over cabinet storage, because drawers are much easier to maintain, and our new vanity has lots of drawers.
  • Handheld Shower Nozzle: I’m not sure how often I’ll use this, but it seemed like a good idea to add one.
  • Medicine Cabinet: We opted for two medicine cabinets that will be inserted into the wall cavity so they don’t stick out. I love that we’ll be able to store products, upright, inside of them.
  • Toilet with Skirted Bottom: The new toilets in both of our bathrooms are skirted, which makes for easier cleaning.
  • Double Sinks: Believe it or not, this is going to be the first time Finn and I have ever used the same bathroom. Crazy, right? He has always opted for the guest bathroom to shower and get ready, but now that ours will be so nice, he is moving on over.
  • Shower Niche: We always add this to any shower we re-do. It’s a good spot to keep toiletries organized.

Main Bathroom Features You Love…That I’m Not Adding

Figuring out the best bathtub for your space
My Sister’s Guest Bathroom

Just because I don’t include a feature in our own bathroom, doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea! I just have a particular amount of space to work with and obviously, I couldn’t include all of these great ideas.

  • Big Soaking Tub: I love a good bath and wish we had the space for one.
  • Dual Shower Heads: Our shower isn’t quite big enough for this.
  • Rain Shower: Not for me. Some days, I don’t get my hair wet and a rain shower makes it impossible to stay dry!
  • Water Closet: Someday we will have one of these, but it didn’t work with our small footprint.
  • Shower Controls Near Entrance: This is something we implemented in my mom’s bathroom and it makes so much sense. Place the valves on one end so you can turn the shower on without getting wet! Unfortunately, due to our plumbing setup, we couldn’t do this.
  • Bluetooth Smart Fan: We opted for a much bigger/more powerful bathroom fan, but I didn’t think we would really use the bluetooth speaker all that much.
  • Steam Shower: While I love the idea of this, especially when kids get sick, it just wasn’t right for our space.
  • Heated Towel Rack: For the kids’ bath nights, we always heat up their towels in the dryer. I know, we are crazy, but they love it so much that we can’t stop. It would have been a good idea to add a heated towel rack to either of the rooms, but we didn’t have the space.
  • Bidet: Lots of suggestions for a bidet. Maybe someday we will have one in our bathroom, but we passed this time around.
  • Skylight: I actually had someone come out to give me a quote for adding one and they talked me out of it because of the small room size. I love the idea of adding as much natural light as possible, though.
  • Separate Makeup Vanity: We didn’t have the space for this, but I will be adding a portable magnifying makeup mirror to the vanity area.

What Did I Miss?

Bathroom renovation - how to survive your first renovation project
My Sister’s Main Bathroom Makeover

Now, I’m sure you read that list and are thinking of some new bathroom features that I’ve totally neglected. If so, let me know in the comments below, and I can add them. I want this to be a resource as you plan your next bathroom remodel and consider all of the cool upgrades you can do!

What’s Next?

Christina's modern home tour
Main Bathroom from This Reader OMG! Home Tour

It’s FINALLY time to share the full design plan and the new layout for the space. You may have seen some sneak peeks on Instagram already, but I will have the full scoop in Wednesday’s blog post. Can’t wait to share more.


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