Our DIY Linen Cabinet Gameplan

First, thank you so much for the love on my “mini reveal “of our main bathroom space. Even though the space isn’t quite finished, I just had to share how far we’ve come and the shots of this gorgeous space. I’m still pinching myself that it’s really ours!

A mini reveal of our main bathroom

As I mentioned in that post, we plan to add a linen cabinet to the room for even more storage. My contractor offered to add it (for a fee, of course!), but Finn and I have been itching for a project and this seemed like the perfect one since it didn’t have a hard deadline. We just told our contractor to drywall out the nook where we wanted it. Then, we decided to make a game plan once the big renovation was complete.

The Empty Space

A soon to be linen closet

Here’s the large open space in our main bathroom. It’s a big area (3 feet by 3 feet) and is actually quite a bit larger than I originally planned.

The DIY linen cabinet plan in our main bathroom space

I had wanted to move the wall over more to make room for a larger shower, but once we opened up the walls, my contractor realized that the plumbing stack would be really difficult to move, so we kept the wall in place.

Leaving space in a bathroom for a large linen cabinet

That meant that the DIY linen cabinet plan had at least six more inches of space than I originally planned. But who doesn’t love more storage, right?!

The DIY Linen Cabinet Plan

Laundry room organization

Once my contractor was finished, I took final measurements of the space and got to work planning. I knew from the start that I wanted to go with IKEA kitchen cabinets for the nook and make them look built-in with trim and molding. We have used IKEA around our house a lot (main closet, laundry room, office closet, and Ellis’ closet). For the closets, we used the PAX system and for the laundry, we went with SEKTION. For this project, we decided to go with SEKTION again, as it will be a very similar setup to the tall cabinets in our laundry room.

I used the IKEA kitchen planner to design the nook. It was pretty easy since it’s just one cabinet. I plan to use a high cabinet with three drawers on the lower portion. The upper portion will have two pull-out drawers and shelves, hidden behind cabinet doors. Since it will be two-feet deep, drawers seemed to make the most sense to make use of the deep space.

My ikea shopping list

Once, I had the DIY linen cabinet plan all ready to go, I went to order and have it delivered…

The IKEA Shortage

Well, perhaps I’ve been living under a rock, because there is a big IKEA shortage of materials. Eek. I honestly had no clue. We’ve used their stuff so often and I’ve always been able to order and get things delivered within a week or two. Nope, many of their pieces are out of stock and have been for months!

I originally couldn’t purchase the drawers, shelves, or high cabinet (which was a majority of my order). After a few days of stalking, I saw the drawers go back in stock, so I hit “purchase” quickly, and had the items delivered the next day. However, that means I’m still without this high cabinet and these shelves. While the shelves aren’t really essential to start the project, the high cabinet very much is.

I dove deep into the internet searching for how exactly to get my hands on this one cabinet. Just one! I’ve had the item in my cart for at least a month now and I check multiple times a day to see if it’s back in stock. No luck. I’ve checked eBay and Facebook Marketplace and even found a Reddit thread with IKEA workers who give tips on finding out of stock pieces.

From what I’ve found, they suggest going in-store and placing the order with a kitchen representative and then they’ll notify you when it’s back in stock. That’s my plan as of now, but I’d love to hear if you’ve recently had success getting your hands on any out-of-stock IKEA pieces. I’m hopeless over here…

Making It High-End

semihandmade collection

From the start, I knew I wanted to make the IKEA cabinet look even more high-end, with custom cabinet and drawer fronts. I’ve seen lots of amazing kitchens and builds using the company Semihandmade. They create custom fronts that specifically work with IKEA products.

Chris loves Julia semihandmade collection
Photo via Semihandmade

I ended up choosing this shaker-style cabinet from the Chris Loves Julia collection. I went with the color “Dusk” because I think it works well with the large dresser we have in our main bedroom. The pieces take about three to five weeks to produce, so I placed my order at the end of March. They should be arriving any day now!

Semihandmade will walk you through the entire purchasing process, but essentially, you plan your cabinet design via the IKEA website and then remove the drawer and cabinet fronts from your shopping cart before purchasing. Then, you take those same measurements and buy them from Semihandmade.

What’s Next?

Our DIY linen cabinet plan for our main bathroom

Well, I am in a bit of a holding pattern until I get my hands on the dang high cabinet. Once I get it, I think it will take a weekend for me and Finn to build the linen cabinet. Luckily, our bathroom isn’t disrupted in the least by the lack of this cabinet. It will be such a treat once we have more storage, but for now, our space is still plenty roomy and livable.


Want to see what the finished product looks like? You can see the final linen cabinet right here.

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