Design Vibes for our #FinnFixerUpper

Now that we’re cruising right along with our home renovation, it’s finally time to start thinking about the fun stuff…the design! I’ve known from the start that I’ve wanted this home to feel very different from our last home. While I loved our condo, it’s time for a new look in this space. But what design vibe is right for me?

Ever since we knew we were moving, I’ve been saving inspiration photos on Instagram, Pinterest, and even from catalogs I’ve gotten in the mail. If I’m drawn to a photo for any reason, I save it. Here are some of the photos I’ve saved over the past few months…

Design Inspiration

Amber interiors dining room space

Design via Amber Interiors

Organic modern living room

Design via Amber Interiors

Staircase from Lauren Liess organic modern style

Design via Lauren Liess LIving room from a little sprucing

Photo via A Little Sprucing

It’s funny because when I took a look at all of my bookmarked images, a majority of them came from the designer Amber Lewis from Amber Interiors. If you’re not following her, you should be. The homes she shares are all unbelievably gorgeous.

Design Vibes – Modern Organic? Bohemian? Transitional?

I’ve found it hard to come up with a single word or phrase to describe this style. It’s grounded in neutrals and then earth tones are mixed in through greenery, textiles, and rugs. There is also plenty of texture and warmth. So my plan is to stick with neutral basics that are either creamy or oatmeal colored. Then, I’ll also add some leather and wood furniture pieces throughout. I’m also really excited to hunt for some gorgeous muted oriental rugs and boho-style pillows to finish off each space. The colors will be “earthy”…mossy greens, sandy hues, deep navy… all colors found in nature.

Amber Interiors Modern ORganic Style

Design via Amber Interiors

In terms of metals, I’m leaning towards matte black and brass throughout the home. That’s what I’ve been buying for new light fixtures that I’ve decided to swap out during our renovation.

Overall, I want the entire home to feel very homey and cozy. I want you to feel like you can take your shoes off and stick around for a while with a glass of wine. That means lots of blankets, lots of pillows and lots of soft lighting. That is my ultimate goal. I’m leaning towards the phrase, “modern organic”, to describe the style. What do you think?

What I’ve Purchased Thus Far

So far, I’ve bought a few things for the new house, but not a ton. I’m going to slooooowly decorate the home and I don’t want to buy items just to fill each space. We ended up selling our couch to our neighbors at our condo, so the first order of business was to find a new couch. I knew our large gray sectional wouldn’t work in the new house, so I’m happy it found a good home.

I decided to go with this sofa from Crate & Barrel and it should be arriving next month. I went with a super durable fabric in the color “Winward Sand.” I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated and I’ll blog all about it when it arrives.Dark green guest room reveal

I also purchased the same rug that I used in this guest room design for our new living room. I fell in love with it when working on that room and knew I wanted to incorporate it somewhere in the new house. I bought a 9×12 and cannot wait until it arrives in August.

Other than that, I don’t want to jump the gun and buy other furniture. Finn and I will be perfectly fine with the bare bones of the house until I really figure out what I want. I’m trying to coerce him into upgrading to a king-sized bed (would you believe it if I told you that my 6’2″ husband wants to stay in a queen??), so we’ll see if that happens in the coming months.

I have had to buy a few light fixtures because I figure I might as well have my electrician change them out while he is doing other renovation work. I’m using this chandelier in the stairwell, this light on our front porch, and these two lights on our deck. Then, I also picked up a few inexpensive lights for the first-floor bathroom and the master bathroom. I don’t want to spend a lot because I know I’ll be completely renovating these spaces in the future. I got this vanity light for the bathroom off the kitchen and two of these for the master bathroom. They are simple, but what a huuuuuge upgrade from what was there before.

Evolving Along With My Home

I think it’s okay (and totally normal) for your style to evolve as you change homes and get older. That’s why I always recommend slowly decorating. That way, you don’t look around at your entire home one day and hate every single thing. If you gradually find pieces you love, then your style will come together eventually.

Bridget and I actually did an entire series on finding your design style. You can see Part 1 right here and then go through the entire series (along with some fun homework) to narrow in on what style best describes you!

Amber Interiors Modern Organic StyleDesign via Amber Interiors

So what would you say my new style is? Modern organic? Earthy transitional? Man, it’s tough to wrap it up into a neat little phrase!

Oh, and if you want to see my design ideas for our new house I’ve been pinning them to this board on Pinterest.


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