Video Tour of Our New House

It’s been a crazy few weeks for the Finn family.  We made the announcement that we bought a new house and behind the scenes, we have simultaneously been packing up our condo and living in an absolute mess. I know I showed you guys all of the before photos of our home last week on the blog, but I thought a before video home tour was necessary as well to reaaaallly get a good sense for the new house. Before video home tour of our finn fixer upper

And since changes are happening quickly (we officially kicked off our renovation this morning!!!), I figured now was the time to share this vlog of our #FinnFixerUpper.

I’ve been trying to be better about keeping my video camera on me all the time, so I was able to capture us before we went into our closing to sign all of the paperwork (Finn liked to call it our dashboard confessional since we were in the car shooting it. Ha!) Then, we headed to the house that week and took even more video as we walked around our new property.Finn laying on the kitchen island

It may seem silly, but I’m going to treasure this video forever because it captures our excitement and giddiness over the new house (we’re like kids in a candy store running around the empty place). Plus, the video walk-through showcases the layout really well and you can see how each room flows together.

Before Video Home Tourwe bought a house!

You can view the video below or you can watch it over on our Youtube channel right here.

My Favorite Parts of the Video

  • :40 Finn enjoying our new kitchen island.
  • 2:04 A hashtag we definitely won’t be using for the new house. I cry with laughter every time I watch this part!
  • 2:24 Showing off how our house has bangs.
  • 4:38 Finn makes up a little jingle about our minty green ceiling.
  • We use this camera to shoot our videos, this microphone, this stabilizer, and this tripod.

Before video home tour

Thanks for your enthusiasm the last few weeks with this big news! We’re overjoyed and eager to get to work…



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