Our 2021 Video Home Tour

Last week, I shared this in-depth post showcasing the dramatic changes we’ve made in our home over the past two years. It’s wild to see how far this place has come and I’m so happy that we took a chance on our Finn Fixer Upper.Our 2021 video home tour

Today, I thought it would be fun to share our 2021 video home tour. I know photos can make it difficult to see how rooms connect and flow, so I figured this would be a good way to really get a feel for how our home functions. But before we get to the new 2021 video home tour, let’s back up…

2019 Video Home Tour – Before

Before we even moved in, I did a video walk-through of this entire place. Whoa…I can hardly even believe this video. It doesn’t look like the same house! And watching young Casey and young Finn is so fun. We seem excited, yet terrified, about what’s ahead of us. I laugh every time I watch this video because Finn has so many good one-liners…

You can view the video above or on YouTube right here.

2019 Video Home Tour – Phase 1 Renovation

We shot this next video right after we moved in. I was secretly pregnant – I think only six weeks along or so – and Finn hints at making one of the rooms a nursery, which is so sweet! You can tell we’re relieved to have the big phase one renovation work done and we’re eager to get our hands dirty with DIY projects.

You can view the video above or on YouTube right here.

2020 Video Home Tour – 1 Year of DIY

Rory makes her debut in this video! She was only a couple of weeks old when we shot this and was still so teeny tiny. It’s obvious we’re both sleep-deprived, yet smitten with this little bundle of joy. Finn basically stares at the baby in his arms throughout the entire interview and oohs and aahs at her every move. Adorable. Oh, and how about Finn’s DIY quarantine haircut?! He will never live that one down!

As for the actual house, this still features our old kitchen, so it’s kinda neat to see it before it dramatically changes in the 2021 video home tour.

You can view the video above or on YouTube right here.

2021 Video Home Tour – 2 Years of DIY

Finally, here’s a look at our most up-to-date video home tour. I had to wait for a day when Rory was outta the house with Grama so I could fully showcase each floor of our home. And I’m not gonna lie, I tucked a few toys in the basement to get them outta the shots in here. Sorry, not sorry. Ha!

You can view the video above or on YouTube right here.

My Favorite Parts

  • :24 Rory loves when Dada throws her way up in the air.
  • :43 Can you believe that used to be our living room?!
  • :52 Whoa…it does look like a Civil War reenactment!
  • 1:20 Finn is still a bit sad about the new big king bed…
  • 2:24 Palm to forehead. Oh, Finn.
  • 4:03 A before shot of our next room makeover!

I’m happy that I’ve been documenting each step of our journey in our Finn Fixer Upper. This house has been so good to us as we’ve settled into life as a family. We are looking forward to creating even more wonderful memories in this special place.


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