15 Changes on The DIY Playbook in 2015

We’re taking advantage of the fresh calendar year and we’re changing a few things here on the blog. Here’s what you can expect as a Playbook reader in 2015.

Nightstand-Styling1. 6:00am posts instead of 7:00am – early bird gets the worm!

We are changing our post time from 7:00am to 6:00am (CST) for all those early birds tuning in. For those of you who follow along via emails to your inbox, you will still get those but probably around 6:15am instead of 7:15am (Central time).

BUSY GIRL DIY2. Busy Girl steps up her game

We find that our Busy Girl projects are definitely some of our most popular and why not create content that our readers enjoy the most?! A Busy Girl project is one that allows Busy Girls to recreate without investing too much money or precious free time. Busy Girls can have an amazing and personalized space, and we hope to prove this in 2015… one simple/inexpensive project at a time!

wood clamps on desk3. Weekend Warrior DIY’s still part of the game plan

And although we will be stepping up our Busy Girl DIY Game, we will also be providing plenty of content for our weekend warrior DIY-ers (aka DIY-ers looking for larger projects that can take an entire weekend to complete). We already have a few weekends scheduled in January & February to complete the first few Weekend Warrior DIY projects on our list. Stay tuned…

video4. Provide more Videos (we’re serious this time!)

Our first post of 2014 was a video saying that we were absolutely going to incorporate more videos into the blog over the course of the year. Fast forward to today…and we’ve only created one other video. #FAIL. This year we’re serious about the whole video thing. In fact, we even have some “real video content” (aka TV!) happening in 2015. More details to come.

5. Be a little more revealing…. but not in that way

Hey now, get those minds out of the gutter! When we say we plan on being a little more revealing, we say it in the most appropriate/non-creepy way possible. The truth is, we walk a fine line between chatting strictly about DIY and home decor and trying to reveal a little more about our everyday lives in order to keep it real. But hey, let’s be honest … putting yourself out on the internet for others to read, judge, share, pin, tag, comment or just know about is a little intimidating. We want to provide inspiration and motivation through pretty pictures, but we also want to be REAL and share a tad more about our lives behind all that DIY eye candy.

View More: http://ginacristine.pass.us/casey--mike-16. Do a little lot less Wedding DIY

Since we started this blog, we’ve both gotten engaged and then married. That makes for a heck of a lot of chat about showers, bachelorette parties, registries, and other bride-to-be craziness. Now that our weddings are behind us, we won’t be dishing about all things wedding quite as often. We do have a few wedding posts coming up (Casey’s gorgeous wedding pictures!), but once those are done it’s #RIPWedding here on The DIY Playbook.

DIY Playbook Cell Phone7. Bookmark us – we’re mobile friendly!

Did you know that you can add us to your mobile screen as a bookmark? That way, all you have to do is click on our little “APP” or logo on your cell phone each day and you’ll see a MOBILE-FRIENDLY version of the most up-to-date post.

Matt and Finn8. Give the men of DIY Playbook a little more face time

Matt and Finn are the biggest cheerleaders of the DIY Playbook, yet we hardly ever celebrate how amazing they are around here. What are we thinking?! We need to give them way more credit for all they do for this blog (& for us!) So in 2015, expect to see them around here. Whether it’s helping with DIY projects, us tackling more projects specifically for them, or even them taking over the blog every now and then…expect to see those 2 crazy husbands a lot more often.

Wine-Cheese-Party9. Reward YOU!

Bring on the FREE SWAG… for YOU!! We plan on giving away more FREE stuff to reward YOU, the real reason DIY Playbook has grown to what it is today. But don’t worry, we won’t let giveaways and ads take over this Playbook…oh, helllll no. We will make sure these giveaways are worthy of your time and will make sure we weave them into what we are doing the best that we know how. We hate reading sponsor-y/strictly giveaway posts, so we would never want to do that on this blog. The goal– more FREE  stuff for you without the boring content!

10. Posts, posts & MORE POSTS

If you noticed in November and December, we amped our number of posts. We have ALWAYS posted on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for the entire history of the DIY Playbook and have never missed one of those days. Most recently, we have added more Wednesdays into the mix, which we plan to continue (especially with all these new giveaways in the works). And we can’t promise anything, but two posts a day or an occasional weekend post are not out of the question!! We’ll keep you updated on the logistics but bottom line is that we will be bringing you MORE Posts in 2015.

thumb tack11. Share the simple

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to create original, amazing, Pinterest-worthy content. That isn’t going to change. But we also realize that it’s okay to share simple projects and tutorials here on the blog (kinda like our Busy Girl series.) We used to think that some parts of our everyday life, shopping, and home decor weren’t “blog-worthy”, but we’ve finally realized that we love sharing everything with you guys, and you sometimes enjoy the simple, straightforward posts. So that’s what you’re gonna get in 2015.

rp_Casey-Bridget-Taking-Photos.JPG12. Practice makes Perfect

We’ve gotten a heck of a lot better at many “blogging things” since starting The DIY Playbook back in 2013. We look at some of our early posts and just cringe at the tutorials, writing, and good lord…the photos. Thank goodness we’ve slowly improved in all blogging areas. But we will never stop growing and learning. We’re going to try out best to continue to be better writers, photographers, creators because practices really does make perfect.View More: http://ginacristine.pass.us/casey--mike-1

13. Do our own thing

As bloggers, it can be very difficult to not compare your blog to the other 1,000+ amazing blogs out there. We have so many friends in this community and we love supporting one another through this crazy blogging process. But we’re not gonna lie…it’s hard to not fall into the comparison trap. Often times we find ourselves thinking…”they’re working with that sponsor…why can’t we?”, “our photos will never look as good as his!”, “why didn’t we think to do that project?!”. But in 2015 we’re going to do our best to just focus on all of the wonderful things we are doing and all that we’re accomplishing here on our blog.

DIY Playbook Christmas14. Get in front of the camera

Do we have to?! It’s not always easy to get IN FRONT of the camera instead of being behind the camera. We know we need to do it more often and that’s one of our goals for 2015. Whether in video or just in everyday posts, we are planning to get in front of the camera more often. #butnoselfies

15. Taking requests!

All in all, the DIY Playbook is here for YOU and is possible because of YOU. We cannot thank you enough and feel like we owe you the opportunity to give us requests. Is there a project you would like to see us create or re-create? Do you have a question that we can help answer? Is there something on the DIY Playbook that you want to know more about? Just ask!! We would be happy to answer your questions via blog posts and are officially taking requests here. Let us know and we’ll try and make it happen!

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