Our Save the Dates…

 (Disclaimer: We have partnered with MagnetStreet to bring you this post. The information and opinions expressed are 100% our own and are not influenced by MagnetStreet)

The wedding planning is moving along quite nicely!

Venue – Check! (<—vintage enthusiasts…you’re gonna die when you see this place! loooove!)
DJ – Check!
Dress – Check!
Caterer – Check!

Yep, things are rolling right along and we cannot wait for our October wedding. But over the past few months, we’ve had a big thing on our checklist looming over our heads…our save the dates!  We knew we wanted to send them out in January (9 months before the big day!), but the we had absolutely no idea what kind of save the dates we wanted.

However, we did have a few save the date must-haves and we created a list to help ease us into process.

Old typewriter

1. Personal & Unique: We wanted them to set the tone for our wedding where we hope to make the day anything but “cookie cutter.” Therefore it was a must that we could use our own words, fonts, and overall style on our cards.

Engagement Pictures

2. Feature a few pictures: This was an absolute must. We had such a great time shooting our engagement pictures and including a couple pictures was definitely on the list.

love letters

3. Showcase our Love Story: Our wedding theme is “love letters” and we’re hoping to make every detail very romantic. Therefore, we wanted our save the dates to tell our love story that has spanned 10 years.

$.33 Postcard Stamp

4. Postcard Format: In order to save a bit of money, we knew we wanted to do postcards. You don’t have to pay for envelopes and postcard stamps are only $.33! #rookiebudget

Love Stamp

5. Feature our stamp: We received a gorgeous stamp from Studio 255 and I knew that I wanted a place on the save the date to stamp away.

With my list of must-haves, I scoured the internet in search of a great shop to design and print our save the dates. That’s when I came across MagnetStreet. They offer hundreds and hundreds of different options for save the date cards (magnets, postcards, regular cards, everything!) But it wasn’t the wide variety that caught my eye, it was the ability to personalize each option. You can upload your photos, choose your color palette, and even change the wording and font for any of the cards. I instantly knew that this was the perfect option for me! Instead of some random designer (who doesn’t know me or my style) having all of the creative freedom…the creative freedom would be all mine! I was sold!

The site offers a filter so you can easily find anything available in your style, size, color, etc…but I’m not gonna lie, I looked through just about every single option! It was just so fun to check them all out and weed through to find one that fit our needs.

Once I found the right card, I got to work inserting our pictures, colors, and wording. Here’s what we came up with…

Magenet Street Save the Dates
Our Save the Dates
The front tells our “love story” showcasing our decade of love. I like how we were able to show a few shots from our engagement pictures and I especially love how we could personalize all of the wording to fit our needs.
Stamp on save the date
On the back we wrote a little love letter to our guests and signed it with our beautiful stamp. I stamped each one while my mom hand wrote the address on the postcard. Funny story…we ruined almost 30 cards because the stamp just would not dry! We left them for hours and if you touched one lightly it would smudge everywhere! We found out that the magic number to dry was (drumroll please…) 4 days! Yep, it took that long. I’m sure we could have found a different ink that was fast drying, but instead we just laid out all 150 of them on my mom’s dining room table for almost a week!
Stack of save the dates
I’m so happy with them, but I was even happier when I mailed them out and got those bad boys off my hands. Let the wedding countdown officially begin!
Love letter theme save the date
Casey DIY Playbook