Our Bedroom Window Treatments

When we moved in back in October the curtains in our master bedroom left much to be desired.

Window Treatments for a One Bedroom | DIY Playbook

See…I wasn’t kidding.  The previous owners left these little gems for us – 2 flimsy curtains and a wooden rod. They were so hard to pull shut, and even when drawn they barely covered the entire window.

Window Treatments for a One Bedroom: Work on the curtain length | DIY Playbook

These bad boys didn’t provide much privacy, let in way too much light, and were a terrible length…too long for the window sill and too short for the ground. Yuck. These babies had to go.

We quickly came up with a game plan for new window treatments that would be affordable, light blocking, and would match our current decor and style.

Window Treatments for a One Bedroom: Use blockout shades | DIY Playbook

The first order of business was to block out the light. Since we live in the city, the lights from the buildings around us are incredibly bright. Also, our bedroom windows face east so the sun comes right into bedroom. Blackout shades were high on our shopping list.

We found the above shades at Home Depot and got 2 cut right then to fit the width of our windows.  We installed the blackout roller shades immediately and quickly found out that they were effective…but terribly ugly.

So I ordered some gorgeous bamboo shades off of Overstock to install in front of the roller shades.

Window Treatments for a One Bedroom Bamboo Shades | DIY Playbook
Most of the time we keep the bamboo shades about 1/3 of the way up and don’t even move them up and down.
Window Treatments for a One Bedroom: Layer them for an effect | DIY Playbook
Then we just roll the blackout shades down at night, and up during the day. It works out pretty wonderfully and we’ve gotten much more shut eye because of this setup.
Window Treatments for a One Bedroom | DIY Playbook
Window Treatments for a One Bedroom | DIY Playbook
Personally, I think we’ve come a long way from those initial flimsy curtains, don’t you? I’m sleeping like a baby knowing that I now have good lookin’ windows.


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