I Finally Have a New Round Coffee Table!

It feels like I have been searching for the perfect round coffee table for our family room for a very long time. And the truth is…it has been a very long time! 9 months to be exact. Yes, the last time I blogged about potential coffee table contenders was in this post from last May. Holy smokes. Open layout family room space with built-in shelves.

What’s the Holdup?

After that post, I actually went ahead and purchased this wood coffee table. I was confident with my decision because I had gawked at it for a long time and this table was a lot less expensive than the “real” one I wanted. I ordered the table in May, but was quickly notified that I wouldn’t receive it until October. At that point, I canceled the order because I didn’t want to wait that long for a new table.

Well, the joke is on me because I ended up not getting a new table until a few weeks ago! So why the long wait? Well, honestly I just couldn’t find one that I absolutely loved and I didn’t want to settle. I knew that I needed a round coffee table to break up all of the straight lines in the space, and that definitely cuts down the inventory. I also didn’t want a coffee table with legs, since my leather chair, couch, and side table are all very “leggy.” Instead, I knew I needed something to really ground the space in the family room.Udan round coffee table from Crate and Barrel

I liked this table from Crate & Barrel for a long time (since I posted about it), but Finn wasn’t sold. And when you’re spending that much money on a coffee table, you want your significant other to love it too. So I kept looking and looking in hopes that something would catch my eye.

After realizing that we weren’t going to get a new coffee table at my sloth-like pace, Finn asked to see the table again with fresh eyes. At the end of December, he said to go for it and I cautiously pulled the trigger on the black coffee table from Crate & Barrel.

Our New Round Coffee Table

This round coffee table works perfectly in this open living room space.

Once it arrived, I wondered why I waited so damn long. It’s absolutely stunning. A black round coffee table complements the straight lines of a gray sectional in this family room.

I can honestly say that I am thrilled with my decision. Yes, it was pricey, and yes, it took me forever to decide, but all of that waiting was worth it! Putting a tray on top of a coffee table is a great way to corral decor and accessories.

In fact, Finn even loves it. And like really really loves it. He keeps saying to me how sorry he is that he questioned my choice last year. Gotta love a man who can admit when he is wrong. The black round coffee table from Crate and Barrel is the perfect choice for this living room makeover.

So why do I love this table so much? First of all, it is hefty! It’s big, sturdy, and well-made and I love how it really grounds the space. As I mentioned, I was worried about all of the “legs” in this room and this table now serves as a nice focal point in our family room. The surface of the Crate and Barrel top is textured.

It’s also incredibly durable. I’m not worried about nicking the top or scratching it because it has a nice texture on the surface. It feels indestructible, which I’m sure will be good someday when we have children. A round coffee table works well with the legs of the chair and couch in this family room.

I was worried about the color of the table because online it says it’s “mahogany.” But after visiting it in store, I saw that it is definitely a true black…no brown or red tones in it at all. I always say that every room needs a hint of black, and this table picks up the other black elements in the room quite nicely. A large living room with a gray sectional and built-in entertainment center.

It’s also the perfect size. During my months (ugh..so many months) of searching, I found many coffee tables to be too short and too petite for such a large room. This one is 35″ in diameter, which fills out this space quite nicely. Put a rectangular tray on a round coffee table to balance all of the lines in the room.

On top, I have a white tray (rectangular to balance the round shape of the table) that holds coffee table books, a pretty marble box, and my new black pitcher and eucalyptus from Target. Love the pop of greenery on here. Faux eucalyptus sprigs from Target work perfectly in this black pitcher.

I added furniture pads to the bottom of the tray so it won’t scratch the surface of the table. Always a good idea for any coffee table (new or not). This living room space works well with a leather chair opposite the gray sectional.

I suppose it’s better late than never, right? While I’m kicking myself that it took me some time (& courage) to pull the trigger on this table, I’m very pleased with my decision.

What’s Next?

A modern bar cart in the corner of a family room to hold all of the cocktail necessities.

And while I would love to call the family room completed, I have one more piece of furniture to buy. We recently sold our bar cart (that is located in the corner behind the couch), to make room for a record player that was gifted to us. I’ve got my eye on a new console to house our growing record collection, speakers, and bar accessories. Stay tuned for a post on that new family room situation. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take me 9 months to choose a piece of furniture again…


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